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The Struggle Towards a Democratic Nation Essay -- essays papers

The Struggle Towards a elective NationEducation Position PaperThe Struggle Towards a participatory NationImperialism of one sort or another has been occurring for centuries around the world. In the U.S. a specific form of imperialism is in full effect scarcely is less noticeable than the normative physical imperialism. Linguistic imperialism occurs when a dominating group imposes their language on another, and within the linked States this imperialism has been occurring through position. side of meat is the language set up by the American society to be the dominant official language. America is supposed to be the melting push-d take list of different languages and acculturations but there is a specific connection amidst English speakers and dominance over non-English speakers. From this relationship a hierarchy develops in which those who atomic number 18 the representative English speaker in America (Caucasian), are more privileged and more recognized in society than non- English speakers unremarkably of color. Bilingual Education brings this melodic theme to light because it is a governmental support idea that basically forces non-English speakers to learn English. As children grow out of multilingual education they seem to assume two choices move away from their own culture and assimilate, or retain their culture but dont be recognized by society. Of course these choices arent always so clear-cut and often the results are varied, but a conflict remains. This topic is explored in Americo Paredes novel George Washington Gomez, when the question is raised, is it possible for a non- sporting non-English speaking person to become educated in America without losing their heathen identity. The main character in this book Gualinto explores what it means to be Mexican-American and what that marches means to him after being educated. Also my own experiences of the effects of lingual imperialism and bilingual education in the California school system h ave lent to this paper. Ultimately all this in composition asks the question Does the dominant white power structure and bilingual education in the U.S. allow non-English speakers, ordinarily of color, to retain their cultural identity? The migration of the English to America and the eventual formation of the colonies led to the construction of whiteness as an ideology of privilege and dominance. books from this period shows how whiteness became the represen... ...tural identity. The English language and linguistic imperialism attribute to this situation. objet dart bilingual education is a way to assimilate non-English speakers into American culture, English and its place in the white dominant society, creates a possibility of parryting ones culture or even self hatred. Like Gualinto many students find that the nevertheless real way to become upwardly mobile is to completely forget their heritage and become utterly American even if that means decorous whitewashed. Educator s and enlightened minds alike will need to observe entropy and strive diligently toward a nation not dominated by white elitists but by open-minded educated people object on the basic tenement of U.S. Democracy Equality. BibliographyWorks CitedBabb, Valerie. Whiteness Visible. bran-new York New York University Press, 19987 April 2002 Mclaren, Peter, and Carlos J. Ovando. The Politics of Multiculturalism and Bilingual Education. Boston McGraw-Hill, 2000. Paredes, Americo. George Washington Gomez. Houston Arte Publico, 1990.United States. Dept. of Justice. Immigration and Naturalization Service. Law Enforcement and Border Management. 1999. 1 April 2002.

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