Friday, February 15, 2019

Jaws: The Movie versus the Book Essay example -- essays research paper

Summary by Eric DillonSteven Spielbergs Jaws was a branch attain the novel Jaws written by Peter Benchley . The Novel was written in 1974 receiving a best sellers award and therefore setting up for a motion picture just one year later in 1975, which short invented the phrase blockbusterwhich simply is to gross over 100 million dollars. Since this was a superiorly publicized and successful novel Steven Spielberg was held to a high expectation for this movie to be an ultimate hit. The give and the movie dumbfound a lot of differences. The book gives you an all around synopsis on e actually calibre while the Movie gives you a breath interpretation on what the character was ab issue and more emphasis on the shark.The patronage Jaws, is of course an innuendo referring to the shark. The opening credits start off by putting you deep in the treacherous waters of Amity pathetic along with an object that you assume is the shark but dont officially know because of the camera pos ition. The camera puts you in the depths of the water with the shark giving the viewer an extra edge when they witness a character jump into the water ignorantly. The fact that we know something that the character obviously doesnt creates an uncanny feeling of wanting to warn or yell at your television. This type of cinematography is what enhances our viewing experience in a carriage that a book cannot do as effectively. On the contrary the books gives our briny character, Chief Brody, a since of insecurity and worry while in the movie there isnt enough time for us to sit and go into everyones background. Being able to cover more information and pipe down keep viewer/readers attentive is something that is much more actively delineate by a book. The most important sequences in the book sta... ...k deliver nearly provide the same fear as actually eyesight the water and waiting for the shark to jump out and decapitate someone. Steven Spielberg alike left us guessing becaus e as the movie went on we got to cipher more and more of what the shark looked like until WHAM The shark jumps out of the water and leaves at our seats to enjoy a blood-splattering finale. While cultivation the book I kept going and going waiting to force back to a spin tingling conclusion and then all I read was how the shark suddenly floated away. I felt teased as if a girlfriend kissed you all over and left you there to watch with no action for the night Part of it was the fact that I aphorism the movie before I read the book so my expectations were very high for the book seeing that Jaws is a classic. Overall I speak up Jaws is one of the few times that the movie actually beat the book by a very long shot.

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