Saturday, February 16, 2019

Love and Hate in James Cains Mildred Pierce :: Cain Mildred Pierce Essays

be intimate and Hate in James Cains Mildred Pierce Some may plead that the character Mildred Pierce of the novel, Mildred Pierce by James Cain, may be a good role model for an entrepreneur or a single working puzzle. Some may say that she was hopelessly attached to her ungrateful daughter, Veda. Some may also argue that Veda was a stark daughter who lacked compassion, sincerity, and most of altogether, respect. As true as that may all be, the candlelight glowing about the flawless, sugar-coated heroine shall be blown out. fluorescent fixture lights, please. Mildred Pierce loved her daughter. Perhaps she had loved Veda too much. One questions how a charr can love such a bitch - a coloratura soprano. Could it have been another type of love? Mildred had an exaggerated find of self-importance. She felt the need for attention and admiration from others, particularly Veda. Mildred Pierce took mass for granted or exploited them with an unus ual coolness. Had Mildred Pierce been a very person, and ever introduced to Sigmund Freud, the verdict would be in. Mildred Pierce suffers from Narcissism. Another kind of love, hence She simply had fallen in love with her reflection (as the disorder was named for the mythic Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection) - Veda Pierce, that is. In 1991, Sophie Freud, granddaughter of Sigmund Freud, explained that the narcissistic mother has a great investment in her daughters. The survival of women greatly depends on loving, and whether she is loved. Narcissistic actions are ambivalent. In order to develop into a woman the narcissist mother believes a daughter needs sufficient libidinal resources to identify with her female partner mother... (Fenchel). Mildred Pierce fits the description. That must explain the lascivious vibes - but unfortunately Veda was not the type of daughter to motivation to identify with her mother. Mildred s character ached for approval from Veda.

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