Thursday, February 14, 2019

Women play victims in Thomas Hardy’s short stories, roles that were Ess

Wo custody correspond victims in Thomas st out(a)hearteds short stories, roles that were typical of blue(a) women in generalWomen play victims in Thomas braws short stories, roles that weretypical of Victorian women in general Discuss with references atleast three of Hardys short storiesThomas Hardy in his short stories The wither build, Tony Kytes, theArch Deceiver and the Winters and the Palmleys presents his readerswith a series of un arrangetling visions of the relations between men andwomen, women mainly coming worse reach. For example Rhoda of TheWithered Arm, the poor outcast milkmaid, non even respected by her birth son, or pretty Harriet Palmley, the wolf in sheeps clothing, evil collectible to her education, therefore not a victim, but instead a shockingperson. Gertrude also, a good, obedient, rosy cheeked titsy-totsylittle body enough until she gets her arm shrivelled from a curse thatdrives her to desperation to find a cure for the fault. Allthese women, due to the fact that theyre female, all ended off worseoff and in the course of this essay I am going to analyse whether hisfemale characters were victims or merely women of their time.Hardys stories, mainly set 50 years before they were written, are setmostly in the 1830s period of Victorian Britain, when women wereconsidered lower than men and didnt usually get any rights oreducation, especially in the rural areas much(prenominal) as Wessex, where HardysWessex Tales where set. Women were also oppressed in the fashion of notbeing allowed high place jobs, the vote and certainly not a place inParliament or anything that might switch over Britain in any way, which wasquite ironic considering Britain was being ruled by Queen Victoria, awomen h... ...herself. The other two, Unity and Hannah are in the equalboat in the way that they both want to steal Tony away from Milly butwhen it comes to Tony actually asking them to marry him they bothrefuse out of pride. They are not victims but wome n of their time, sothey do not crystallize my pity, as thats just the way it was. As for themale characters such as Lodge, who dies peacefully of old age, leavingmost of his money to a reformatory for boys after being the mainvictimiser and Tony Kytes also, after embarrassing Milly totally andhaving a happy ending is unfair considering what happened to all thewomen. I think Hardy does exaggerate the victimisation of the womenand praise the men in his stories and I do feel sympathy for themajority of the women but as for the rights, characters and educationof all the women, thats them just being women of their time.

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