Tuesday, October 8, 2019

World War II Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

World War II - Research Paper Example History has recorded and proved time and over again that such aggressive act of violence against any nation has resulted in changing the face of the earth and has produced profound effects on any involved country’s global and political standing. It is not the matter of who wins or loses the war because despite the fact, every nation gets affected by its negativity in one way or the other. Our world history has detailed accounts of many important wars which has changed the world map accordingly but two wars have always considered as of having greater affect globally and much violent that any other war. This essay compiles the details about World War II. It is an attempt to provide authentic research material for understanding what caused this war, how it was started and how it ended. If we look at it in a statistical manner then World War II started in 1939 and ended in 1945 but this essay is not about when it started. To have an in depth and comprehensive analysis of second wo rld war, we will have to look back a decade or more to understand the reasons for which a war of such a magnitude became unavoidable and inevitable. Covering a span of over 26 years of pre-war state, during and post-war from 1919 to 1945 it will incorporate all the major events that defined and shaped the future. Its foundation was laid soon after the World War I which raged in Europe from 1914 to 1918. It was fought between the central powers including Germany, Ottoman Empire and the Austro-Hungarian and the allied forces which included United States, Italy, Britain and France. It can be termed as the aftermath of the World War I. The great first war saw the allied forces as victors while the central powers were on the losing side. Naturally the winners wanted the losers to pay and so a peace agreement namely the Treaty of Versailles was formed which contained enough substance to punish and humiliate the nations who lost. (Goldstein) As the latter two sides ceased to exist, only Ge rmany was left to bear the victor’s brunt. There were the territorial losses as the part of the agreement for peace with which new nations were formed taking parts from Germany and the Soviet Union. Also the Austro-Hungarian regime was divided into newer states namely Poland, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. Those Germans who were parted and divided due to the formation of new states were called Ausland Deutsch (German Outsiders). So a grudge started building against the central powers in Germans and European nations. Then another reason which proved decisive in paving way for a second world war was the great depression which started in 1929. This changed the economic stature of many nations and global economy literally crashed. This produced devastated effects on the economy of Germany and European nations because they were already shaken due to the war debt. The European nations were so weakened by the war that the newer global economic downfall caused their economy to utterl y collapse. This brought an end to the perception that capitalist and democratic political environment prevailing so far has failed to secure the boundaries of European nations especially Germany. These aftereffects of World War I produced a negative yet indispensible urge in the Germans and they started developing a strategy for revenge. Soon after this after math of World War I and the great depression which followed, world saw the unexpected emergence and popularity of two dictators the Italian Benito Mussolini and the German Adolf Hitler. Germans who were helpless and starving to death needed a dictatorial regime that could provide an instant solution to their problems. They instantly accepted Hitler as their leader and soon the national socialist Nazi

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