Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Exemplar design & advertising agency Coursework

Exemplar design & advertising agency - Coursework Example Below the line advertising comprises of production of calendars, T-shirts, caps, wrist band and newsletters. Creating the environment The company’s structure shall be two fold comprising of a business structure and an organization structure. The business structure shall be a partnership between the original ten designers whom I have recruited. This will act as an incentive to encourage them own the business and to work towards success The business will adopt functional organizational structure. This is ideal for small business startups. The business will have specialized departments that will report to single authority (Day and Zacarro, 2004). It will help in grouping every department in the organization in line with its core functions within the design agency. However, we shall maintain a level of flat management policy where by the various department heads shall have an open door policy to eliminate communication barriers (McCauley and Rudeman, 2010). The success of any comp any depends on the management as well as individual employees. The management should create a favorable environment by making a management decision based on the situation (Goleman 2000). Core values For a company, core values provide the guiding philosophies that form the basis of how the company management and it employees behave. Exemplar’s key core values will be contained within its mission statement. The company shall entrench a value system whereby innovation and excellence shall be encouraged and nurtured among its people. This shall further be reaffirmed by our mantra† Communication that adds value†. Second value preposition for the company is commitment; the company shall stress the importance of team members owning the various projects they are tasked with. Thirdly passion for the job will be a prerequisite for each individual working under the roof of Exemplar as they are our brand ambassadors to customers. Because we are in the business of selling drea ms passion needs, this has to be an ingrained trait right from the account executive, the copy writer and the tea lady. As a teamwe can only be effective in this endeavor if we are passionate about our cause. Because we are working in an idea oriented environment, creativity shall be one of the key pillars to Exemplar’s core values. (Day and Zacarro, 2004). It shall be harnessed through various ways, the most important of this being brainstorming sessions. Exemplar wants to pride itself as a company that conserves the environment and will also seek to minimize on energy cost. This will include seeking out office space that uses natural light within the premises, use of energy saving bulbs and also using paperless forms of communication and recycled paper in all it stationery needs. The last value preposition of the company shall be open-mindedness. Everyone who works in an agency has to have an open mind since there are times ones patience might be overwhelmed by demands from customers, colleagues or immediate supervisors (McCauley and Rudeman 2010). Exemplars culture shall seek to build an identity that will be easily associated with the design firm both by the internal staff and our customers through constant and mandatory practice of certain beliefs, meanings, language, values, rituals, norms which are the normal behaviors expected in the organization. Also for the new employees that

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