Saturday, October 5, 2019

Organization Leadership Experience, Communication and the Power of Essay

Organization Leadership Experience, Communication and the Power of Questions - Essay Example In my organizations coaching process, good communication is demonstrated through effective use of technological aids, and conduction of surveys regularly to get the reviews and insights from the coach as well as the coachees. These surveys reveal information about the level of satisfaction of both the coach and the coachee with the coaching process, and their proposed measures for making the communication more effective. â€Å"What [the coachees] do want is ongoing communication with their executives concerning the "big picture" -- how their work is making a difference and suggestions on how they can improve† (Goldsmith, 2009). In my high school, I had experience of coaching as I had to prepare myself for a Football match between my school and another school’s team. I was assigned a coach who was very good at communication. By telling us hand symbols and their meanings, he provided us with a way to communicate with each other over long distances and in loud and noisy grounds. Our coach remained curious as to whether we were all able to understand him from a distance; â€Å"Curiosity on the part of coaches empowers teachers to find their own answers, to be more resourceful, and to discover new possibilities for moving forward† (Tschannen-Moran and Tschannen-Moran, 2010). At the end of each session, the coach would ask us what we understood when he made a certain symbol, and our responses reassured him that we had received his messages correctly. Contrary to this, another coach with whom I worked in the sports complex employed the use of mobile phones for communication over long distances, whic h was impracticable since we either ran out of signals or something else would happen to disrupt the communication or the quality of game such as accidentally dropping the mobile phone while running. Rather than asking us whether we found communication over mobiles effective or not in

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