Friday, October 4, 2019

Emergence of the modern civil rights movement 1950s Research Paper

Emergence of the modern civil rights movement 1950s - Research Paper Example In essence, the chorus of change was unwelcomed during this period. The activism advocated for equal rights and fair treatment of all human beings regardless of color and race. They employed tactics such as protest, legal challenges, and freedom rides to enhance protection of United States and equal opportunity for all. In essence, the African America scholars vowed with loyalty to the Nation and abolition of slavery, as well as, readmission to the nation Majority of the black people living in America developed a collective union that advocated for personal privileges as the law states. The union claims that for the reason of color the semi-white people, especially those living in developed nations such as United States have been neglected and some of their privileges denied (Renee, pg85). To begin with, the semi-whites living in Diaspora did not enjoy some of their privileges; this came about because of the color issue. Relating to this phenomenon, the whites who are the real inhabitants of the land viewed the blacks as inhabitants who had no go a head of enjoying anything good that the land produced. Consequently, they decided to join hands and fight for what they viewed as their rights. Their fight was directed against both the public authorities and social systems. The two believed there was the hindrance to the rights they deserved. Surprisingly, some whites also joined in to support this movement. It should be noted that African American people had been denied access to several things. Some of the things that they were denied access to; were the right for equality in housing, equality for equality in education, employment opportunities, therefore they thought that making headways will bring them fruits they gave been longing for (Cohen, 56). Due to the headways, they started experiencing professional sector jobs as well as white-collar jobs. To some degree, the African Americans started to get light however, they still had to continue pressing on,

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