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The employee caries out this specific job role Essay Example for Free

The employee tooth decay bring out this specific business organisation fictional character EssayJob roles argon appointed to each individual employee in McDonalds and it is important the employee caries out this specific job role to the best of his/her ability. It is in ilk manner important to carry out these roles to ensure McDonalds run smoothly and efficiently. Working arrangements is the period and mess and terms an individual employee must acidify. These processing arrangements allow vary to each individual as some employees may do part time motion while differents do full time work. Job roles vary to different employees. virtually employees stupefy to a greater extent(prenominal) mightiness than others and so convey more responsibilities. This aim of power in McDonalds butt joint be assignn in a hierarchal.McDonalds Pyramid StructureThe profit structure of McDonalds is a diagram (pyramid) showing the different takes of power each employee has inward ly McDonalds. McDonalds use a pyramid structure to show the powers of different members of stave. The pyramid shows the flow of information from top to bottom. The some hotshot with the high upest power deep down McDonalds is placed at the top of the pyramid and the soulfulness with the lowest take aim of power is placed at the bottom of the pyramid. There argon twain types of pyramids these are tall and flat pyramids.A tall pyramid is used by larger agreements such as McDonalds. A tall pyramid consists of more levels and more power as you go higher up. A flat pyramid is used by smaller organisations, and consists of less levels and the amount of power the top psyche has is considerably less than the amount of power that the top person has in a tall pyramid. Important shuttings are usually made by the person at the top of the pyramid. This information is passed down to the employees. It is to a fault important to know that the level of authority increases as you go up the pyramid. The pyramid structure overly shows that the higher you are in the pyramid the higher your wages are.The 5 key points to know about McDonalds pyramid structure areA pyramid structure shows the levels of power of an employee.A pyramid structure is either tall or flat.A pyramid structure fire be used to show the flow of information from top to bottom.A pyramid structure can be used to represent the importance of a particular person within McDonalds. (The higher in the pyramid you are, the more important you are.)A pyramid increases in size as you go down because there are more people carrying out that particular job. This is why the structure is a pyramid shape.Organisation charts are charts that show the main people of McDonalds and their level of power. A conventionalism organisation chart would show a high music directors picture at the top with a description and name and below this person would be other employees who work just under the high manager. However McDonald s is far too big a business to have this so it is likely that McDonalds have an organisation chart which shows the more important departments. The role of the organisation chart is to show power structure and the line of communication within McDonalds.In an organisation charts you depart be able to see.Chain of seeLine managerDepth of controlSpan of controlThe chain of command shows a direct level of power from top to bottom. For example a managing director would be at the top and a crew member would be at the bottom. The chain also shows the path of communication within McDonalds. And also from a chain of command you can see where your instructions are coming from. A chain of command will change in lengths. This is dep wind upant of the different types of employees and job roles within a department in McDonalds. This is what an organisation chart may human face like for McDonalds.The line manager is the person who an employee will receive an immediate instruction from. From the diagram supra you can see the levels of power and responsibility increase as you go up the chain. It is likely that a floor manager will receive his/her instructions from the manager.The depth of control can also be seen from the above chart. The depth of control is the number of levels a person controls or is higher than. For example a floor manager has a depth control of two were as the manager has a depth control of 3.A span of control has a different style of presentation as it shows how one person has immediate authority over another person or how someone is under the authority of another. For example there maybe seven crew members. whiz of these crew members may be manager of the other crew members so the manager has direct authority over the other crew members. This is what the chart would look like.Job RolesManagersManagers are mainly found in medium or large organisations. McDonalds is a large organisation and so has many managers. Each managing level will have different r esponsibilities. For example a floor manager will have different responsibilities to a supervising manager. The managers have a role to take care of a discussion section of McDonalds and to perform duties given to them by the director. Their tasks may include helping with customer service, registering complaints, analyzing the profit and loss accounts, etc. Managers have a very well-grounded level of job security, as managers will al paths be urgencyed and also there are fewer managers in a restaurant than crew members. And a manager has specific qualities and skills. The skills needed maybe the ability to calculate profits and loss, ability to analyse assets. It is likely that you would need a qualification maths. Managers of McDonalds are reconcileing well for the work they do.SupervisorsSupervisors work a level below the managers. Supervisors have a role to lead a group (crew members). They have solar day to day responsibilities these include monitoring progress of employees , Check profits are coming in, help in customer service, administer customers and so on. Supervisors also have good job security as there are less of them (almost always one in every group) and also it is likely that supervisors will be promoted to be a manager. They are usually looked on to solve small problems such as disputes between employees and to handle customers with complaints. hoi polloi who have become supervisors have usually been functional in McDonalds as a lower position for a period of time so a quality a supervisor would need is run into. Skills to be a supervisor could be to be able to calm customers down, know how to solve disputes, etc. Supervisors have a pay which is good for the job they do, however the pay is very little.OperativesOperatives are people who work on the shop floor of McDonalds. They carry out activities such as cleaning and serving. They have a responsibility to provide customers with a high example of food along with a high streamer of se rvice. The job security for an operative can be low as there are so many and the jobs they carry out are tedious. Some of their duties can be replaced by machines witch means that they can loose their job at any time. An operative at McDonalds must have good communication skills, they must be quick and efficient at their job, and they must also be able to do different jobs within the team. The qualifications expected by an operative are minimal. The pay for an operative is quite low as the jobs carried out are simple.Crew MemberA crew member has several(prenominal) responsibilities they must serve customers, provide excellent customer service, perform general kitchen duties and take part in annual stock take. The job description of an employee is one that is very simple. They must process customer orders for payment, collect and pack customer orders and provide customers with information and advice about products within McDonalds. There are two types of contracts these are permanen t and temporary. The level of job security is dependant on the type of contract the employee has agreed to. A temporary job has a finishing project of work. So the amount of time the employee can work for is mulish. This mop upers minimum job security, however a permanent job offers a greater level of job security as the date that the employee finishes working is not fixed.The only way in which the employee can loose his or her job is by either acquiring sacked or by resigning. A crew member plays a minimum role in decision making as the only decision the crew member makes is how to pack a customers order. The skills and qualifications a crew member is expected to have is to have G.C.S.Es in English and maths. The crew member is also expected to have good customer service skills along with having commitment to hard work and being a team worker. Previous work hold out is not necessary. A crew member can be expected to have an Hourly pay of 3.45 5.05 per hour. Good procedure by employees are rewarded with bonuses. yearbook paid leave is provided along with employee discounts in regards to McDonalds products.Restaurant ManagerA restaurant manager has many responsibilities. The restaurant manager is responsible for the restaurants overall performance and profitability. The restaurant manager also has the duty of reporting performance to head office and area managers. The restaurant manager is also responsible for management of cater along with taking responsibility that the McDonalds restaurant food is cooked properly and that only in-date stock used in the food used to provide their customers. The restaurant manager must also make sure that health and safety regulations are followed carefully and to absolute precision.He/she must also monitor the training and cultivation of their staff. The restaurant manager also has the responsibility of having to be able to deal with customer queries, complaints along with ensuring high level customer service. The job description of a restaurant manager would include the roles the restaurant manger must play. These are provision of standardised food and customer service, setting performance targets to monitor staff performance against targets, manage section managers, recruit staff, communicate regularly with staff and to exert restaurant costs within budget. The restaurant manager has a high level of job security as the contract he/she is employed on is a permanent contract. In order for the restaurant manager to keep his/her job security high he/she must complete the objectives told in his/her job description. Decisions made by therestaurant manager include the recruitment of section managers, store layout and range of goods kept in store. The qualifications expected of a restaurant manager is that he/she must have a degree, HND or work experience with NVQ.The restaurant manager is also expected to have good leadership skills along with good communication skills. Good organisational skills an d excellent customer service skills. The compensation of a restaurant manager usually increases over time, when a restaurant manger starts off he/she would be paid between 17,000 and 22,000 yearly. After time the restaurant managers yearly salary should increase to about 35,000-55,000. Completion of achieving set aims of McDonalds is rewarded by performance bonuses. Franchising opportunities are given to the restaurant managers, and are paid annual leave of (5 weeks). The restaurant manager also gets staff discounts and stakeholder Pension scheme.Working arrangements at McDonaldsAn employment contract is a very important document as it states what is expected for the employee and what the employee can expect of the employer. Such expectations of the employee can be the time he/she reaches for work and leaves. The attitude taken towards customers, the jobs expected to do. If the employment contract is furrowed either by the employer or the employee their jobs will be at risk. Below are the key points of information shown on an employment contract.* Job title.* Hours of work* position of work* Terms and conditions of employment* Pay and benefits* Date of commencement of employment* Name of employer* Employees nameThere are five types of working arrangements. This is to say five different ways of taking work. These are.*Permanent employment* Temporary employment* rich time workers*Part time workers*Flexible hours* Shift work* Flexitime workers* overtimePermanent employment is when you are given set hours to work and you have no decided end to your job. The only way your job can end is if you retire or are sacked. The improvement of permanent employment is that you have high job security and that you can claim benefits such as having paid leave. A disadvantage of permanent employment is that you can be sacked.Temporary employment is when you work for a set number of hours however you have an end to the job. A disadvantage to this is that you cant claim benefi ts from McDonalds (such as paid leave). The advantage of temporary employment is that you dont have to work very long and that you get paid.Full time workers are permanent employees that work standard hours. Standard hours would cover the hours of between (9.00 am- 5.00 pm.) The disadvantage to this is that you have to work long hours for almost all work. The advantage to this however is that there is more pay in working full time.Part time workers are employees that work less hours through agreement. The advantage to this is that you can work hours that suit your schedule. The disadvantage to this is that you do not get paid as much as full time work.Shift work is when you work for a period of time over twenty four hours. The advantage to this is that you work shorter hours that suit your needs. The disadvantage to this is however you dont get as much pay as full time work.Flexitime workers are employees that decide when to start and finish work however by completing the standard w orking hours. The advantage to this is that you can take care of jobs you must do before you work such as (drop children off to school, etc). The disadvantage is that you would end up finishing work at a later time as you would still have to complete the working hours set.Overtime is a working arrangement where employees work for longer than the standard hours. The disadvantage is that you would have to work for a longer time, however the advantage is that you would get paid more.It is expected that an employee of McDonalds is expected to work seven hours a day (not including part time workers). These working hours are shown in the employment contract witch the employee has signed showing that he/she has agreed to complete those hours.Your place of work can sometimes vary depending on what you work as. An operative of McDonalds will almost always be located in the restaurant this is a fixed place of work. This is also included on your employment contract.Your payment is included in your employment contract. It will also state of the pay is annual or hourly. Holidays are given to employees and they can be taken at any time, however their holiday time is limited as when the employees are on holiday they are still getting paid. Any days taken off after your holiday will not be paid for. Different employees will have different benefits. If an employee works far away from their place of work they are given a company car. Medical and life insurance are very likely to be covered by McDonalds.Flexible hours are important to McDonalds. This is because it keeps there employees less stressed and so are more quick to work and that adds to a happier working environment. When an employee is able to come in at a later time and so get other jobs out of the way such as dropping off children to school they are a lot happier and so are able to get on with their jobs better.Family Flexi WorkingFamily flexi working is when there are two or members of a family working in McDonald s, and the agreement allows them to cover each others shifts. The advantage to this is that family members can take time off when needed, however the disadvantage to this is that it does not always work as both family members may have to take time off work at the alike time.

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