Sunday, June 9, 2019

Medical Law & Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Medical Law & Ethics - Essay ExampleThere are proponents of a universal health care redress plan for all Americans. In this policy, everyone will be entitled to establishment-controlled health insurance regardless of their financial background (WHO, 2010).I believe that everyone in the US is entitled to equal rights and this includes equal access to medical services. This means that no one should be turned away from a hospital respectable because they are not properly insured, or because their insurance is not enough to cover medical expenses. Yet there are over 50 zillion American citizens who cannot afford basic health insurance (Bardes, Shelley and Schmidt, 2008).It is true that not all Americans are well endowed in terms of material wealth. and so there are many out there who cannot afford health insurance. I deem the introduction of a universal system of health insurance would help lessen the burden of medical costs for many people in America who deserve the same medical c are as those who overhear the means of paying hefty health insurance cover gold.I do not think that there is anyone out there who is wiling to part with his or her hard earned cash paying for someone elses health insurance. However, if this universal health insurance is adopted, someone has to bear the cost. It is a known fact, however, that the money needed for an ambitious project such as a universal healthcare plan will come from the Americans themselves (Bardes, Shelley and Schmidt, 2008). I do not think that this is as bad as people think it is. In any case, this is a classic case of Americans helping their fellow Americans.In my opinion the government is doing a great job in pushing for a universal health insurance system. I believe that the federal government is very undefendable of running a well organized health insurance system for all Americans. It is about time we started thinking about out fellow Americans who cannot

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