Friday, May 24, 2019

Review of Peter the Panderer

In this fictitious political speech I identified arguments and non-arguments, facts and non-facts, statements that argon subjective and statements that are relativist. The fifth paragraph shows an argument. at that place are a series of statements that support the final claim that our community endured the same hard times. The supporting statements start with prickings father macrocosm laid off at the Steel Mill, then their family not having enough money for cultivate, and finally the football season being canceled due to low funding.In the fourth paragraph I build the non-argument. The writer of the article, motherfucker, says that Jon expects you to fear losing your job, experience hard times and that he wants to destroy America. Peter does not explain how Jon is going to get us to be afraid, make us experience hard times, or how he is going to destroy America. There are no explanations that support the writers claims and thus that makes this paragraph a non-argument. A fa ctual issue can be answered by an clinical test. A non-factual issue cannot be proven by experiment.I found the following statements to be fact paragraph two, Wall Street journal recently describe that unemployment has risen 4 percent Also in paragraph two, In 2009, he signed an executive order In paragraph three, a grinder exertioner was laid off in Michigan. In paragraph four, The average American family now earns 5,000 dollars less per year In paragraph five, Our high school football season was cancelled due to lack of funding. I believe all of these statements can be proven to be true or senseless and so then are considered to be fact.The next set of statements I found to be non-facts in paragraph one, We are at a go point in our history In paragraph two, America is the greatest country on Earth And in paragraph five, All of us mat up that outsourcing was unethical All of these statements are a matter of the writers values, opinions and beliefs they cannot be proven and therefore are considered non-facts. A subjective statement is found in the first paragraph, My economic plan will create jobs and put money in your pocket. This statement plays off of plentys feelings.Who wouldnt want more jobs or more money? However, this information cannot be counted or measured. Peter uses this as a positive statement which he hopes would make people feel good and thus hopefully vote for him. A relativist statement is found in the fifth paragraph, All of us felt that outsourcing was unethical because without work in the local factory, none of us would be able to eat. Peter was making this statement based on his cultured experiences. From his viewpoint he sensed that this situation was unethical.

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