Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Research on Education in China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

look on teaching in mainland China - Essay ExampleChinas view on breeding had its first beginnings with the teachings of Confucius who taught them that it is important to try something to be able to learn something (Hanyoe, R., 1984). Today, this was translated to the significance they put in reading books and scholarly materials to give them knowledge starting from a very early age (China Education, Educational System, Teaching and Learning, n.d.). Indeed, leaders in China serve as very momentous influencers in standardizing preceptal goals for the whole country. As leaders, they are expected not only to do use leadership but to serve as social ambassadors of change and success.Currently, Chinas educational activityal arranging is one of the largest and is one that is run by the state or the Ministry of Education. This is the institution that makes sure everyone abides in the nine-year education for all citizens. Basic education in China involves three levels Pre-school educa tion, primary education, and regular secondary education (Primary, Secondary and Higher Education in China, n.d.). Preschool starts accepting children ages three years old until cardinal and usually lasts up to three years, where the schoolman year is divided into two semesters. Primary and Secondary education in China have been implemented as the 9-year compulsory education since the promulgation of the Compulsory Education Law of the Peoples Republic of China. Secondary education is divided into either academic secondary education or specialized/vocational/technical secondary education. This would give their citizens more freedom and opportunity to enhance their skills and interests and use this to better Chinese society all in all (World Bank, W. B., 1997). What happens in academic secondary education is that one would have to go through academic lower and pep pill middle schools where graduates can have the

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