Tuesday, May 14, 2019

For Rich or For Poorer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

For moneyed or For Poorer - Essay ExampleThey generate most of the manufactured goods and enjoy the highest standard of living to date. On the other and also the dark side, there are 100 underdeveloped unequal states, home to everyplace two billion people. When we chitchat the fights between recondite and poor, the differences are very obvious. The recondite people admit every basic necessities of life. They have good, healthy and enough food. Whether it is high education or health facilities rich have all access to it. You can say they can get what they want. The lower class they do not have much but they are happy at what they have (Cline Austin 2006).Where there are differences there is always similarities lie in the way. The first intimacy is whether rich or poor we are all human. We have the same needs, wants and desires. We have same outlook towards life. Both want to see this world with a positive attitude. Each class has their own view of the other. So the main diff erence is of ideology fostered in mind.Whatever the ideology in minds the world will not change. Because one thing is also fostered and fostered by nature that is unselfishness. This world is for human not for rich or poor. Forgetting this difference and considering humanity as only element of this world, one will see this world is just for humans. Not for rich or for

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