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The Contributions of Blacks to the Arts :: essays papers

The Contributions of sables to the ArtsThe Contibutions of Black Americans to the Arts Without a invariable bond uniting men, without a continuous current of taked thought, there could be no living worthy of being called human. Richard Wright spoke these haggle in his autobiography Black Boy. He, as well as numerous other sick Americans have displayed exmplemtory endowment in the artistrys. As a matter of fact, low-spiriteds have contributed their talents to the arts, for many years, especially in the areas of painting, literature, and music.Many people are unaware of the contributions black people have made to the art of painting. Painters such as sesame Andrews and Jacob Lawerence have expressed the pain and joys share through their paintings. Jacob Lawerence, whose styles range from expressionism to cubism, is famous for the painting Grand Performance. The painting express blacks coming together in the performing arts. On the other hand, Benny Andrews is an arti st that conveys his meaning through allegory. He is, however, known for his contribution to the Black Emergency Cultural Coalition. He was ane of the firsts to start this organization which protested against the underepresentation of black art.Another art that blacks influenced is literature. For example, Richard Wright was one of the first writers to address and protest against the racial discrimination problem in America. In his book, Native Son, he shows how a black boy is driven to kill a white woman. He likewise wrote essays for a book written by former communists who were displeased with the party. most of his works show the struggles of black Americans. Likewise, novelist Toni Morrison writes about the struggles of black females. She was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature and in the late 1980s, she was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her book Beloved. This book shows the effects of thrall on a former slave after the war. Morrison is not the except woman to receive awa rds for work. Maya Angelou given many awards, including Grammys in 1994 and 1996. She received the one for the recording of her poem On the Pulse of Morning recited at chairperson Clintons inauguration and one for Phenomenal Woman. She along with many others has shown explemary talent in literature.Beginning as early as slavery, blacks have impact music dearly. Jazz, a form of music stemming from gospel, is a form of expression. sensation famous jazz musician was the trumpet player Miles Davis.

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