Friday, March 15, 2019

The Assassination of the Mayor of Castro Street Essay -- Essays Papers

The Assassination of the mayor of Castro Street and the Consensus of the Judicial SystemIt was November 27th, 1978. in that location was a cheerful atmosphere in San Franciscos City antechamber that morning. supervisory program Harvey milks good mood was due to Mayor George Mosc iodins upcoming contract to the press. He was going to publicize that he had decided not to reappoint the ultra-conservative voice for the family, Dan White, back to the board of supervisors. Harvey Milk was a fierce advocate of this political move, for he was the first openly jocund elected official, and thus, the most important political leader for homosexuals at the time. Dan White, on the other hand, enforced family values and therefore was not someone that support this progressive civil rights effect. Thus, the opposition towards Dan White shown by his colleges and the minorities of the community was a new victory for the homosexual rights movement and the many supporters of Harvey Milk. However, D an White had other plans. The press did not hear that announcement, but instead saw this video of announcement of assassinations,As president of the Board of Supervisors it is my duty to make this announcement . . . two Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk have been shot and killed. The suspect . . . is Supervisor Dan White., Dianne Feinstein. (Epstein & Schmiechen, 1984).Dan White abruptly and severely altered the success of the civil rights movement occurring in the most liberal city of its time. Richard DeLeon states this in his book, Left lantern slide City Progressive Politics of San Francisco 1975-1991, this sad episode in San Franciscos political history almost certainly delayed the opportunity to touch Mayor Moscones progressive agenda through the nine ye... ...duced. Their personalised negative predisposition towards homosexuals was the underlying principle for their conviction. This obvious stigma associated with Harvey Milks sexuality was an instant and enormous step backward in all that Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Milk had accomplished. It is a shame that mend the United States is supposed to be the most powerful country in the world, the structure of its judicial frame has obvious flaws, which have not been special for over two hundred years. To fix this problem of the oppression of minorities, one of two things needs to happen. Either the jury system needs to be modified, or society needs to be mature enough to lever each individual without discrimination towards race, gender, or sexual orientation. Until these changes occur, our judicial system will continue to allow people like Dan White to redeem away with murder.

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