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Love and Selfishness in Love in L.A. by Dagoberto Gilb Essay -- Love i

cognise and Selfishness in get along in L.A. by Dagoberto Gilb Love in L.A., written by Dagoberto Gilb, is a taradiddle full of sarcasm and multiple themes. The story is set in Hollywood during the summer time. create verbally in third person objective, Love in L.A. guides the reader on through the story as opposed to an omniscient point of view. The story begins with Jake private road on the freeway. He is so enraptured by his dream of better possibilities that he ends up smacking the car ahead of him. Jake considers driving away besides instead he stops and finds out that the owner of the Toyota he hit was a beautiful girl. From on that point, Jake switches into his smooth talker exercise with Mariana. Jake thence tries to con her by saying he doesnt have some(prenominal) insurance and assures her that he will pay for it. As he drives away, he sees Mariana behind him writing down the license plate numbers that he stole from an opposite car. The main characters in this story are Jake and Mariana. Jake is a stagnant and flat character. Throughout the story, he shows himself as a around lazy and rather overly conceited kind of guy. When Gilb describes how Jake, considered driving one-time(prenominal) the Toyota. and how, he considered giving a real phone number but went against that idea and made one up, it gives the reader a sense of how trashy Jake is. In the end, he has not changed but yet seems even worse and more like a con artist. Mariana is more of an enigma then Jake since the author does not go into great detail about her, there is little characterization to go on. Generally, Mariana is a stagnant character because she is a normal girl with the same suspicious tendencies as most other human beings. Love in L.A. contains many symbols ... ...d Russel Crowe, the couple get unneurotic and break up numerous times simply because of their mutual concern of intimacy and commitment. Another worthy example of this fear of engagement is the 1 999 cinema Love Stinks, starring French Stewart and Bill Bellamy. French Stewarts girlfriend demands that he marry her but he refuses to do so. This is obviously due to his decisive fear of closeness and commitment. Another attribute of human nature, displayed in this story, is the aptness to be selfish. When people try to evade taxes, it is because they want all their property for themselves and thus are acting avaricious. Another example of this is when people do not donate to charity. This shows an abundance of stinginess as well as greed. Essentially, Love in L.A. addresses two main inherent qualities of human beings, the want for lie with and the constant capacity to be selfish.

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