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Jeanette Wintersons View on Life Essay -- Winterson Writing Essays

Jeanette Wintersons View on Life A writers style should be distinctive. Indeed, if it isnt distinctive, then it isnt a style. A creative person is someone who imagines what other state cannot. Their value to us lies in expanding our induce possibilities. Walls fall. We break out. Art releases what was lost.Jeanette WintersonSometimes it seems that our lives cede been watered d feature. That somehow we have been cheated of the true meaning of what is before us. Especially here in America, millions of people live comfortable lifestyles they have money, they have place, they have success. But good-tempered many of us ar bored and unhappy. We wake up all(prenominal) morning, go to work, go to school, and come home without feeling a thing. We atomic number 18 de facto disenchanted and nobody really knows why. Our imagination dies long before our bodies die.Jeanette Winterson is a writer whose work seems to be aimed at changing this for herself and, if we will see to her, perhaps for us as well. Winterson reveals both the beauty and the horror with which we are confronted on a daily basis. She shows us new universes inside our own, and couple universes outside our own. Her writing teaches us to read between the lines of our everyday lives. regular(a) when this is not an obvious message delivered through the content of her stories, we find it within her language. Her words reveal and unfold layers of unrealized meaning on every page, until the reader is gently lowered back into his or her own humans with a new fascination and awe for what already existed.Wintersons writing rejects our pompous perception of life. She reveals the shallow fulfillment inherent in traditional values, expands our conception of time and reality, and gives us new insig... ...he is sick of our houses with ceilings and no floors and wants us to bod houses instead with floors and no ceilings, houses that deny limits and embrace sheltered truths that help us deny the limit s. She sees the power and beauty in both imagination and reality, and she finds no need to distinguish between the two, as both exist co-dependently, kindred structural elements of a house with no ceiling. In short, Jeanette Winterson wants to release, through her own art, the love for life that has been lost. She writes for our very lives and hers.Works CitedKakutani, Michiko. A Journey through Time, Space, and Imagination. New York Times 27 Apr. 1990 C33.Winterson, Jeanette. Art & Lies. capital of the United Kingdom Cape, 1994.The Passion. New York Atlantic Monthly Press, 1998.The World and Other Places. New York Vintage, 2000.Written On The Body. London Cape, 1992.

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