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Courage Under Fire

The dissipate Courage at a lower place Fire tackles ethical issues and clean-living dilemmas. Here an officer during the course of his investigation, searches for the truth in the different accounts regarding a Desert hale mission while struggling with his own demons. Wildland Fire Leadership set and Principles espouses three main merits in a leader Duty, Respect and Integrity. In the film, the characters display such(prenominal) characteristics under different circumstances.Perhaps one of the main principles that jakes be observed in the film is the choice of the two report characters to choose the difficult right oer the easy wrong. Rather than present their crash position in the middle of night, where darkness will cater them penny-pinching cover and a good chance to escape safely, headmaster Karen Walden did otherwise for the sake of her injured co-pilot. She took into consideration the safety of all(prenominal) the members of her squad and tried to save what could be saved. When Monfriez tried to stage a revolt to push the team to escape, Cpt.Walden asserted herself demonstrating her prowess as a sufficient leader, who earlier in the day effectively put to use all their available resources to assemble a kick in-shift fort to keep them safe and make good use of their ammunition until rescue arrives. As for Colonel Nat Serling, he reliable full responsibility of his actions and their consequences during the attack which took the life of his closest friend. though there was visible stress after he realized his action, it was brief and he rallied his men to finish the mission.His decisions and his alertness during the event prevented major loss in their part. In the Monfriezs false account, his description of Capt. Walden was of characters contradictory to those of the values and principles mentioned above. This pictorial matter devoid of notions of integrity, respect and duty produces a person unfit for such a job that required leaders a nd proficiency. Along with demonstrating the leadership principles and values, the characters in addition perform actions that they consider fitting in their given situations.To arrive at these actions, they relied on their own capacities rather than waiting for the orders of outside forces like what Colonel Serling did when he ordered the tank cars to turn on their lights to distinguish their own forces from that of the enemies. Though dictation was asking him to relay the conditions, he preferred not to focus on the question and proceeded to give orders based on his analysis of the situation. Amidst pressure Capt. Walden stood by her decision, having confidence in her capabilities.Her ability to translate her courageousness into actions and also her leadership skills to the men, resorting only to drastic measures when circumstances call for it, display her influence over the mickle around her. This influence should not be interpreted as something despotic the abilities of Wa lden and Serling to communicate their desires and convince others to do it, such as common Hershberg agreeing to extensions and allowing Serling time to explain and Capt. Waldens command over her troops, are qualities of good and effective leaders.Only when it is abused or used incorrectly does it become overbearing and unbecoming of a good leader. However, the feedback they get as people with order are not the same. A hint of gender bias appears in the film Walden was the first woman to be awarded a medal already handed to legion(predicate) men, such a ruckus was made in the decision to do so stemming from existing ideals that as Eagly et al. states in intelligible leadership roles, women tend to be viewed less positively than men (qtd. in Unger 253), and Monfriez weakens Waldens character by emphasizing on her emotional attri plainlyes.While Serling unplowed on with the mission even though Boylar had died, Walden chose to remain in the site for her injured co-pilot. This might be attributed to differences in leadership due to dispositions but other contrasting elements should also be taken into account. While the tank has been confirmed hit, thus its crew dead, Waldens co-pilot was still a make it and as a leader bound by clean duties, Walden chose to stay. Steven covey in his foreword to Greenleaf, Spears and Coveys (4) book, wrote that the essential quality that sets servant-leaders apart from others is that they live by their conscience- the inward moral sense of what is right and what is wrong. Though not directly, the conscience that exists in member-oriented leaders is a factor of moral courage which according to Hildreth (96) consists in enduring, through the force of the moral sentiment, those numerous nisus which spring from the malevolence of others to whom our conduct gives offence particularly those pains which we are subject through the sentiment of self-comparison, pains of obloquy, mortification, and disgrace.Aside from conscience, mora l courage is similar to other facets of ethical leadership such as judicious use of incentives, astute ordering of priorities and allocating resources where they count the most (Greenleaf, Spears and Coveys 73). Both these values can be observed in the key characters. Courage Under Fire not only showed the bravery of its characters in the field of battle but in the midst of people and their peers as well.It is in this film several embodiments of leadership virtues can be seen and perhaps learned by those who choose to watch this. Courage Under Fire. Dir. Edward Zwick. Perf. Denzel Washington, Meg Ryan, Lou Diamond Phillips, Matt Damon. 1996. DVD. 20th Century Fox, 2000. Greenleaf, Robert K. , Spears, Larry C. , & Stephen R. Covey. Servant leadership a journey into the nature of legitimate power and greatness. 25th ed. impertinent Jersey Paulist Press.2002. Hildreth, Richard. Theory of Morals An Inquiry Concerning the Law of Moral Distinctions and the Variations and Contradictions o f respectable Codes. Boston Published by C. C. Little & J. Brown. 1844. Unger, Rhoda. Handbook of the Psychology of Women and Gender. refreshed Jersey John Wiley and Sons. 2004. 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