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The Negative Portrayal of Women in Hip Hop and Rap Music...

Doug E. Fresh, a popular beat-boxer in rap music today, has been quoted saying, â€Å"Hip-hop is supposed to uplift and create, to educate people on a larger level and to make a change.† Although this is the original intention of hip-hop music, public opinion currently holds the opposite view. Since the 1970’s musical artists have changed the face of hip-hop and rap and worldwide, people – mostly teens—have been striving to emulate certain artists and their lyrics, which has created negative stereotypes for hip-hop music and also for those who choose to listen to it. With vulgar lyrics referencing drugs, alcohol, sex, and aggression, it’s no wonder these stereotypes exist. However, is music really the direct cause of how teens act,†¦show more content†¦Musicians may feel that the only way to increase sales is to make their lyrics as graphic as possible. It seems as though the lyrics to songs are giving permission to listeners to do wro ng and immoral things (Tanner). As stated in the article â€Å"How Much Are Violent Lyrics to Blame?† by Emily Tanner, â€Å"Music is important in today’s society and when music becomes corrupt in its meaning then society may in turn become corrupt and immoral.† The corruptness of music today seems to be linked to the crude language and aggression found particularly in hip-hop and rap music. Some rap artists use vulgar language in their lyrics that are easily adoptable by teens (Holden). Not only have certain lyrics influenced the way teens speak but also their actions. An article on stated that â€Å"lyrics in the music are too violent and are to blame for many problems.† The problems range anywhere from suicide and aggression towards women to underage drinking and drug use. Lyrics are not only to blame, but also what people see in artists’ music videos can affect what they do (Doaks). The urge to emulate these rap musicians has escalated quickly causing a spike in rebellious tendencies among teens. With rap singers bragging about experimenting with drugs, their new Nike shoes, or the fight they got into last week it seems to become obvious where teensShow MoreRelatedMisogyny Hip Hop W Sources Essay1571 Words   |  7 PagesMisogyny in Hip Hop | 3.5.2012Dr. Tshombe WalkerAFR 1503 | Tina Marie | Misogyny in Hip Hop culture refers to lyrics, videos, or other aspects of hip hop culture that support, glorify, justify or normalize the objectification, exploitation or victimization of women. Misogyny in hip hop music instills and perpetuates negative stereotypes about women. It can range from innuendos to stereotypical characterizations and defamations. Overt misogyny in rap and hip hop music emerged in theRead MoreThe Portrayal Of Women Of Contemporary Rap Videos1427 Words   |  6 Pagesexamine the portrayal of women in contemporary rap videos, and to see if it could be potentially harmful. Unfortunately within the music industry like many industries sex sells, and the media has brought to light this fixation. Hip-hop has persuaded a large portion of society that this is how women should be treated, but new times call for new measures and it is time that people realise this and give women the respect and dignity that many believe they surly deserve. In the rap world, women are a statusRead MoreHip Hop : The Commodification Of African American Women1717 Words   |  7 PagesHip-Hop Music: The Commodification of African-American Women Since its emergence in the 1980s, hip-hop has taken the world by storm; it has impacted and revolutionized the way people behave, dress, and think. Hip-hop music enables people to connect in a way they would never be able to with any other genre of music. Although, hip-hop has swayed different generations over the years, its influence has not always been positive. In the past, hip-hop focused more on current events in society, personalRead More Music Essay - America Needs Rap and Hip Hop1366 Words   |  6 PagesNeeds Rap and Hip Hop Ever since it became popular in the late eighties, hip-hop music has been a target of moral disapproval. Many critics have labeled the music as an offensive, vulgar, misogynist form of expression, which negatively influences its listeners, particularly children. Early in rap musics development concerned citizens and various government officials held protests against the release of certain rap albums. Rap musics opponents demanded strict censorship. But hip-hopRead MoreGangster Rappers : Gangster Rap929 Words   |  4 PagesGangster rappers always encourage sex or demeaning women, where some songs are merely produced with the purpose of disgracing women. Subject matters in a majority of gangster rap lyrics usually deal with curious situations, as in the portrayal of women as dirty sex toys with no value other than pleasure through looks and intercourse and even inventing words, such as â€Å"bennett,† â€Å"poontang,† and â€Å"thots.† Furthermore, drugs ar e another topic widely spoken by gangster rappers, where the songs contentsRead MoreMisogyny Of Hip Hop : The Solution1564 Words   |  7 PagesMisogyny In Hip Hop: The Solution In today’s society many individuals listen to music. With so many different genres to choose from in the music industry, one of the most popular genres of music is Hip Hop. With the constant urge for new artists, lyrics, and rap styles, it seems as though Hip Hop is the holy grail of music. One of the main problems with Hip Hop is the misogyny of women. Adams and Fuller (2006) define misogyny as the â€Å"hatred or disdain of women† and â€Å"an ideology that reduces women to objectsRead MoreThe Portrayal Of Hip Hop Music991 Words   |  4 Pages It’s obvious that a lot of African American men and women, especially young men and women, get a lot, if not most of their gender messages from hip hop music. Especially those messages and ideas that revolve around sex, friendship, love, and marriage. It’s in my opinion that hip-hop music is more misogynistic to black girls and women than any other form of media consumed by this demographic. The derogatory lyric s, the soft-porn visuals. and the attitudes and behaviours of the industry are embeddedRead MoreThe Hip Hop Generation And Its Impact On Society1371 Words   |  6 PagesDominiquie Gray English- 102 Argumentative Essay 6 December 2015 The Hip Hop Generation and its Impact on Society. Throughout history, Hip Hop has manifest into more than a simple form of life, but as a powerful cultural movement. Hip Hop plays a major part in African American culture, dialogue, fashion, and self expression. Today, Hip Hop has a joined people of many nationalities, races, and ethnicities as a society. The Hip Hop Generation has begun to redefine African American cultural normsRead MoreThe Negative Impact of Hip Hop Music on Teenagers897 Words   |  4 Pagessome sort of music. Music is everywhere they go. Whether they are at home, a store, school, or even the streets, they will eventually end up hearing music. I find that music itself is an obstacle that needs to be conquered for an individual to express their true potential. In present day North America, the youth listen to a variety of music but rap and hip hop outlast all the genres in popularity which should be found a great con to society. This is because rap and hip hop has a negative impact on teenageRead MoreEssay a bout Radical Feminism and Hip Hop1550 Words   |  7 PagesSince its emergence in the South Bronx in the 1970’s, hip hop has spread to both urban and suburban communities throughout the world. Once an underground genre of music, it is seen in commercials, movies, television shows, etc. It has transformed from music and expanded into a full culture. It has even made its way into fashion and art. Men have always been on the front line of Hip Hop. However, the lyrics and images have changed tremendously. Lyrics and images that once spoke upon the injustices

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