Thursday, November 21, 2019

Various summaries from 5 Leadership articles which I submit to you Essay

Various summaries from 5 Leadership articles which I submit to you - Essay Example This is a problem because a cynical workforce can have a very damaging effect on the performance of the company as a whole. â€Å"Organizations that have been struggling with a cynical workforce increasingly note a decrease in the quality of service to internal and external stakeholders, customer satisfaction, productivity and market share† (125). What cynicism does is causes employees to be hyper-sensitive to shifting climates within the organizational structure and to view any attempts at improvement as a failure waiting to happen. This attitude almost guarantees the expected results as employees fail to ‘buy into’ the program initiatives. What Dreilinger offers in this article, though, are some very specific steps that companies can take to try to overcome some of these issues. He indicates the first step in addressing cynical employees or a cynical company atmosphere is to acknowledge that it exists. Organizations that have successfully turned around the corporate climate have done so through what Dreilinger characterizes as a five step process. â€Å"First, they make past history discussable – and learn from it. Second, they directly address the legacy of previous change efforts and do so without ‘business babble’. Third, they take steps to anticipate and address unintended and potentially adverse consequences of new changes. Fourth, they provide employees with real opportunities to participate in decisions about future changes that affect them personally, rather than those that simply benefit the company. Fifth, they communicate information by telling employees: what they know and are able to discuss; what they are unable to discuss; what they do not yet know; and by asking employees what else they want to know† (126). Within this process, it can be seen that these companies are directly addressing the two main contributors to the development of cynicism – fear and mistrust. These steps are effective in this

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