Friday, November 1, 2019

Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 93

Assignment Example The news from countries that are at war is now transformed to assume a face that is more human. Women changed the local stories that have made then public to respond to homelessness, child prostitution and domestic violence and abuse. Women were determined to change the traditions that had dominated the newsrooms for a long time (Chambers, Steiner, and Fleming 11). They argued that [people see what they are seeking and what they are adapted to. Women see perceive things differently from men, and they inclusion in the newsrooms adds a lot of value to the news coverage. They complete the news the content of the news by making all parts of the society visible. They also facilitated the redress of the discriminative nature of newspapers that perceived them as citizens who were in the second class (Chambers, Steiner, and Fleming 8). They now report about those women who are in exceptionally high ranks in any organization, not just using them in adverts to demonstrate the strength of a detergent that can remove all form s of stains. This essay is in total agreement with the fact that women have brought a major transformation in journalism, and the evidence for this is clear. In conclusion, women have brought a new face in the newsroom, by completing the news coverage to all spheres of society. However, they still have not been fully integrated to occupy the top ranks in the journalism

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