Saturday, October 19, 2019

Negotiating Strategy Negotiation practice of group Unity 04254 Essay

Negotiating Strategy Negotiation practice of group Unity 04254 - Essay Example Mainly, any trading process is including the parties like transferor and transferee. Firms have to maintain proper commitment in terms of maintaining post sales support and delivery products (Crump, 2011). In the current study, the negotiation process will be detailed out for Beaufort, XFM and Unity perspective. It is a Northampton, United Kingdom based high-end shoemaking firm. However, they are facing huge challenge from the shoe producers of Asia. Thus, they selected the strategy of ‘offshore’ production which will be done by XFM, China. This policy will be reducing the production cost as it reduces the UK based high rate workers. This study will be outlining the negotiation process between Beaufort’s management, XFM, and Unity, which is a UK trade union. The negotiation process will be outlining benefits of the UK based shoemaking employee, who are facing higher risk of job cuts for Beaufort’s offshore strategy. Druckman (2001) stated that the negotiation process of firms or other trading bodies are using the various strategies and theories for achieving best possible benefits of the involved parties. Mainly, any negotiator can use the negotiation strategies or approaches like structural approach, strategic approach, behavioural approach, processional approach and integrative approach. Organisations are adopting various types of negotiation process in order to increase commercial relationship and employee beneficiary. On the other hand, trade unions will be looking for the welfare of their members. Global firms and trade unions are using negotiation process for managing labour cost. The process also fixes up wage rates, working time and employment contracts. Organisational management can adopt various negotiation strategies for increasing the beneficiary of all the parties involved in the process. Dajani (2006) opined that structural

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