Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Individual write up of Quails Gate Winery Experience Essay

Individual write up of Quails Gate Winery Experience - Essay Example From the vine restaurant the exotic view of hills, lakes and plain fields are available, which sets a delightful atmosphere for visitors (Figure 1). Moreover, the traditional style of the restaurant attracts customers because of the classic difference of the beauty of this restaurant compared to other restaurants in the region. Apart from the sight of the restaurant there is another feature, which attracts visitors towards it. The food is an important component in every restaurant but when it comes to the Quails Gate, the availability of fresh vegetables and cereals make the food healthy and tasty. The smell and taste of food available in the restaurant is fabulous. Most people believe that the combination of high quality wine and fresh food has been the main reason for tourist attraction towards the winery. Another reason for tourist attraction towards Quails Gate is the peaceful location of the winery. The restaurant and winery is located far from city and away from busy roads. Visitors can enjoy the peaceful environment for some time and relax. The place has natural beauty within itself because it is located in the middle of an agricultural land (Figure 2). The most interesting point is that children can have fun in places like Quails Gate because there is almost no risk of accidents. Parents can allow their children to play while they enjoy the delightful food and rich quality wine. Quails Gate is mainly famous for its winery because it is one of the oldest and recognized wineries in the world. Wines are exported to many places including United States from Quails Gate. Visitors say that â€Å"it is always awesome to come to a place that is located in the middle of no-where.† Truly the restaurant and the winery of Quails Gate are incredible because it has the potential to prov ide people the amount of peace and relaxation required for them.

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