Thursday, September 26, 2019

Starting an Innovative Architectural Firm Essay

Starting an Innovative Architectural Firm - Essay Example On the hand, organizations with low or nil innovation orientation are normally associated with negative performance attributes, such as low quality of services, high wastages, constant complaints, grievances and conflicts with key stakeholders, low productivity, high redundancies, poor turnover, low flexibility and generally poor reactions from the key stakeholders (Koontz, 2009). In spite of the significance of innovation, founding an innovative architectural firm is not an easy process. It requires the understanding of a variety of environments, the application of best business practices and the adoption of current organizational development and management techniques, among other key issues. Adoption of current technological devices remains the key to the successful founding of an innovative firm. The computerized information technology with its related products in the forms of information systems, connectivity and telecommunications, the data base management syndrome, the artifici al intelligence domain and effective security to information and other related products have shown tremendous success in the management of innovation. The computer technology works to capture, process, store and disseminate information in a more accurate, economical and simple manner. Additionally the organization has the potential to meet both far away and immediate stakeholders through the various telecommunication systems. Closely associated with the telecommunications is the nature of information processing and dissemination. Since innovation requires quick and accurate information flows, the application of the online system of information processing, as opposed to the all batch processing, has clearly worked to increased innovation in the many other fields. This ensures effective and faster flow of ideas, communication and information that will increase an organization’s ability to innovate. In this respect through such products like electronic calendaring, artificial in telligence, electronic meetings and electronic mail, the application of computer based information systems has greatly assisted in the innovation. Thus, based on the aids of the current computers and related technologies the foundations of innovative architectural firms have been achieved with great success. Starting an innovative architectural firm also requires high levels of knowledge, abilities and capacities, as well as the right attitudes and skills. The acquisition of these variables is undertaken through sustainable training and development efforts. Training and development equips the participants with the above variables required to operate the venture. In this respect, an innovative architectural firm needs to establish training and development programs that are both comprehensive and flexible. This provides the participant with the needed innovation and related skills, attitude, knowledge and abilities. Senge advocates for the learning organization concept as a means of i nstituting innovative firms. His model of training and development denotes an organization that is constantly training and developing its resources while at the same time, being involved in serious analysis of its training and development programs. This analysis reflects the current and future needs of the firm with the ultimate objective of developing a strategic perspective. The learning organizations concept is synonymous with high levels of organizational flexibility,

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