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Rbi on Discipline

One thousand words on discipline, one thousand words on the Army Values, and one thousand words on what being a Soldier means to me, not counting words that are less than three letters in length, which i dont uderstand because they are words too, poor little guys, just cause theyre small , they don't exist? Discipline, this part of the rbi is being written and discussed on discipline. I am condudcting this rbi because myself along with a few other soldiers in the platoon fucked up today and since i am on profile and cannot conduct the pushup and the sittup, my profile states that i can only walk at my own pace a distance for Physical Training, which is now called PRT standing for Physical Readiness Training, therefore writing this rbi is the punishment my leaders deemed neccesary for corrective action toward myself and others that fucked up in the platoon. RBI's are given to soldiers for corrective action sometimes because we need trining on writing essays esspecially if a soldier is getting out of the army soon, like myself, i get out of the army in july of this year therefore i am actually kind of glad that i have to do this becaue i need to sharpen my essay skills anyway, so thankyou. Disciline means control gained by enforcing obedience or order. It also means orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior. Discipline is important in all situations by everyone young and old, big or small, short or tall, white or black, or hispanic, or asian. so any race religion hieght or weight, no matter who you are or what job you have, whether it be in the army navy airforce marines or even if you work at wal-mart, or k-mart or chuckee cheeze, or even mcdonalds, but most importantly in the military, army, and military police corp, discipline is one of the most important traits a person can have. Discipline can vary from keeping yourself from eating the last piece of pizza or doing the wrong thing, such as not going to a class you are told to show up at, (even if you have a valid reson for not showing up and the person your tryng to explain it to wont listen to you and keeps interupting you, which is rude as fuck, but oh well, its the army, what can i say. hats why i usually dont even bother trying to explain myself wheter i do or not i am still going to get into the same amount of trouble because some people just dont give a shit what you have to say when they are having a bad day, i like how when some people have bad days they take it out on everyone else, or when leaders dcide one day to be super hooah when they usually are pretty laid back. thats also one of the reasons hat i am getting out of the army, that and at least one thousand other reasons) to even killing someone. Without discipline, the united states army every state in the united states of america and every oth er country in this world would be way way more chaotic than what it is now, i could not even imagine the world and the army being more chaotic than it is now. Jim Rohn said once, â€Å"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Discipline is applied to each activity in our lives. The discipline in the One Seventyth Military Police Company has been worsening since weve begun reintegration into the United States, personally I believe that has happened because the leaders in the company are not enforcing discipline, mostly because over in Afghanistan while we were deployed we bacame such a tight nit family that we saw eachother more as family than soldiers and non-comissioned Officers. Discipline down-range was still there just not as much as the Army expects it to be. So that being said, I also believe that discipline in this company has dropped because soldiers feel as though our leaders do not care about the welfare of the soldiers, maybe they do but it doesnt show.. Prime example, yesterday SPC Snyder asked Staff sergeant Holenbach if he would give her a counseling on requesting leave and the procedures she needs to follow. Staff sergeant Hollenbach then told her that he would get it done, later on he told her that he would be off the followng day and to have her get with SGT Quirarte and have him give her a counseling. The next morning, SPC Snyder found out that SGT Quirarte was on leave and coud not counsel her. SPC Snyder then came to me thinking I was the acting Squad leader and the next leader she should come to in her chain of command and then asked if I would counsel her on requesting leave and the procedures she needs to follow since Staff sergeant Hollenbach was off, From what she said, i understood that Staff sergeant Hollenbach told her to get her leave packet done first thing in the morning, i understand that SPC Snyder and I did not show up to class at 0900, i was in charge, so i was therefore, i was taking charge, as the saying goes â€Å"When in charge, take charge† which i am sure every soldier in the United States army has heard more than once. I understand that i probably should have chosen a different time to complete the counseling but i figured since her own team leader isnt here and wasnt going to complete the counseling on his day off and not take care of his soldier then i should be the one to take care of her, since her team leader wasnt going to be able to do so, when i deem neccessary, it is definatley absolutley one hundred and ten percent my fault that i chose a bad time to complete to complete SPC Snyders counseling, you might even choose the saying, the wrong time to complete SPC Snyders counseling, rather than a bad time to complete SPC Snyders counseling, but i was not sure when the classes would be over, classes we did a couple weeks ago if i remember correctly. mind you. nd if the classes did take all day then the leave packet would not have been complete in time to turn it in that day, and therefore would take alot longer to get passed up through the chain of command and get approved or dissaproved. So, m y bad, this type of incedent from me will not happen again, and this type of behavior from me will not be seen again. Also discipline comes in the same catigory as attitude. In that i mean from what i see, higher leaders, such a platoon sergeants dont have there prorities in order, i believe taking care of soldiers comes first in my mind, i do not see that in our senior leaders. i always take care of my soldiers issues first, i could not care less anout mne until my soldiers issues are resolvled. Leave packets sitting on the same desks for days does not say good things, deamening sldiers, does not say good things, and getting upset when (HOly shit, i am only at six hudred words, and this has to be done by tomorrow morning? This is bullshit) and even denying a soldier theyre right to attend an appontment when a soldier has an appointment whether it interfres with work or not, that does not say that a Non comissioned officer cares about the health and welfare of there soldiers. Overall i believe that the soldiers discipline in this company has dropped because the soldiers in this company feel as though theyre Non-comissioned officers do not care about the health and welfare of them. The mentality in this company seems to be, â€Å"If the Non-comissioned Officers in this company dont care, then why should I? 1006 The seven Army Vaues. This RBI is being written to discuss the seven army values, which consist of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Persanal Courage . Integrity is not just a word that defines honesty and trust, but it is also one of the words that makes up and defines the Army Values. Integrity is probably, in my mind, one of the most important, valuable and worth meaning words the United states Army uses. The united states Army defines Integrity as doing what is right always, mentally, morally, and physically. Doing what is right always, means being able to do everything you are supposed to the correct way when no one is around to watch you or being able to do the things you are tasked out to do the right way without having anyone be there to supervise you, being able to have people trust and believe in you that you will do what your told the right way, like from a Non-comissioned officer. Being able to do even little missions and have every one trust you to get it done the right way is a very important aspect of being in the united states Army. If no one can trust you to do things the right way when they tell you to conduct a mission, you wont be asked to do anything, you wont be put in charge of anything, and you wont get to go to any schools, especially any schools you actually want to attend. Integrity also works the same way when you are at a school or away from your company or even on leave or a four day pass. While at the school or class or even on leave or a four day pass or whatev er you might be at. Letting your company, or team leader or squad leader or platoon sergent know what is going on with you at your school or class is a must and you also must be honest and tell your team leader, or squad leader, platoon sergeant the truth, like maybe if you get counseled for something while at your school for any reason at all you just might let your team leader squad leader or platoon sergeant know about this so that they know what is going on with you, being truthful with everyone will show them that you can be trusted even if things are not going good for you in school or class or at home on leave or whatever it is that you are doing while you are away from the company or base, they might even say they will try and help you out with your class, but maybe as soon as you go in to talk to them for help, you most likely get yelled at and also get talked down to like youre an idiot, and you feel like you wished you wouldnt have even let them know you were having trouble because now you lo ok like a fool and an idiot, so next time you dont tell them that you need help and then you get into even more trouble because now they say you cant be trusted and that you dont have any Integrity. You earn integrity by doing what you are told and doing it without having to be supervised and getting whatetever it is that you were told to get done finished the right way without messing it up. if you continue to do everything that is asked of you the right way and more every time your supervisors will learn and come to trust you because they can count on you to do what they ask, they wont question your word or integrity. Then there is integrity like good conduct. Good conduct can be described as conducting yourself in a professional manor at all times, being in the united states Army you must conduct yourself in a professional manor at all times whether you are working, on post or off post on leave or not, during the weekend and even if you are at a school or class, especially for being part of the united states army Military Police Corps, we always have to be conducting ourselves in a professional manor at all times whether you are working, on post or off post on leave or not, during the weekend and even if you are at a school or class, we always must maintain professionalism, because we are always being watched. If you screw up and do not conduct yourself in a professional manor you will pay for it, esspesially if you screw up and dont tell your team leader, squad leader, or platoon sergeant about the incident and they somehow find out later on, your punishment will be even worse then. and it wont be very nice in most cases. For example if you are failing a class and you decide to take a drop make sure you know what you are doing or getting yourself into, because every one that sent you to that class or school is expecting you to finish, if you take the drop you will not be conducting yourself in a professional manor. MENTALY MORAL: This one may be a little hard to discuss and describe and write about because I haveno idea what to say or write, but I will do my best, besides moral integrity is at stake once again. Being mentally moral really doesnt have too much to do with anyone else but you. In my opinion being mentally fit or having mental integrity is a big part of being in the united states Army or in whatever professional field you might be working in, wheteher it be in the army, navy, airforce, marines, or even if you are a lawyer or car salesman, is really important. If you cant be mentally honest or true with yourself then how can you be honest and true with anyone else? If you dont trust yourself and be honest or true with yourself then how are you going to be honest and true with anyone else, you cant be honest and true if you are not mentally fit and that you are in denial and that is not good because then everyone will think you are a basket case and just write you off as some idiot and someone that they will never trust to do anything the right way, because you lie to yourself and everyone else will think of you as a liar. For example if something is wrong and you keep telling yourself verything is all good, and everyone around you can see that something is w rong but you wont admit it then you show everyone else that you cant handle the truth with yourself then how can you handle being truthful and honest with anyone else. Kind of a messed up situation you would find yourself in. If this part didnt make much since then it was a good paragraph because I have no idea what to say about this, couldnt even find it on line to help with this part of the essay. Hell everyone says they are good when they are really not, maybe money, or spouse or something, in that case every one is a victim of not being in a mentally fit or mental integrity position. So basically being good in your head and having your melon in good shape and believing and trusting your self will greatly help you and others to see that you are actually mentally fit and you have good mental integrity which will then help them have trust in you and task you out for missions because they will trust that you will get the mission complete the right way. 1018 What it means to me to be an american soldier in the united states army. In this section of the rbi i will be writing and discussing what it means to be an american soldier in the united states army to me, i will mostly basically be describing the united states army's Soldiers creed in my own words. A soldier is a member of the land component of national armed forces; whereas a soldier hired for service in a foreign army would be termed a mercenary. The majority of cognates of the word â€Å"soldier† that exist in other languages have a meaning that embraces both commissioned and non-commissioned officers i n national land forces. The word soldier entered modern English in the 14th century, from the equivalent Middle English word soudeour, from Anglo-French soudeer or soudeour, meaning mercenary, from soudee, meaning shilling's worth or wage, from sou or soud, shilling. The word is also related to the Medieval Latin soldarius, meaning soldier (literally, â€Å"one having pay†). These words were ultimately derived from the Late Latin word solidus, referring to an Ancient Roman coin used in the Byzantine Empire. In most armed forces use of the word soldier has taken on a more general meaning, due to the increasing specialization of military occupations that require different areas of knowledge and skill-sets or what the united states army would refer to as Military Occupational Specialty. As a result, â€Å"soldiers† are referred to by names or ranks which eflect an individual's military occupation specialty arm, service or branch of military employment, their type of unit, or operational employmen t or technical use such as: trooper, tanker, commando, dragoon, infantryman, marine, paratrooper, ranger, sniper, engineer, sapper, medic, or a gunner. So what does it mean to me to be a soldier you ask? Hmm†¦ There are many sections to the soldier's creed which all influence my life, both the way I live and the way I think. All soldiers whether old or new, should try their hardest to abide and live by the soldier’s creed. The soldier’s creed has taught me many things that make me who I am today. â€Å"I am an American soldier,† To me, that means I have the right to say this anywhere and everywhere I go. As an American I have Freedom of speech, religion, and pursuit of happiness. As a soldier in the united states army I defend these rights. â€Å"I am a warrior and a member of a team,† I will fight and give my life for my country, and as a member of a team I know I will never be alone because i will always have my battle buddy to my left and my right, right next to me, there to fight the battle and complete the mission just as i am. â€Å"I serve the people of the United States, and live the army values† When I recite this I stand proud that I am one of few that chose to serve and protect the United States of America. Now, as a soldier I not only follow the rules of the Bible, but I live the seven army values. Loyalty, I will and always will stand by my fellow comrades, soldiers and battle buddies, always being loyal and trustworthy. Duty, I will perform my job to the best of my ability. Respect, something earned, not given. I respect everyone that serves this nation proudly with me, but i believe that respect is a two lane road, meaning, if i give you the respect i think you deserve but dont get the respect i deserve in return then i will never give you that respect again. Example, if i give a Non-comissioned officer the greeting of the day and the just continue walking without saying a word back, then i will never give that non-comissioned officer the greeting of the day again. Selfless Service, I don't want to die, but I will if it keeps my fellow comrades and soldiers and battle buddies and family back home safe and continues the freedom they have always known. Honor, every day when I put on the uniform of the united states army I have great pride and honor in myself and others who also where the same uniform. Integrity, learned from our parents as kids, enforced as service members, always do what’s right no matter what, wheteher you are on post or off post on duty or off duty on leave or a four day pass or not. And last but not least, Personal Courage, if my country calls on me to do something and complete a mission, I have the personal courage to do whatever they ask of me. The Warrior ethos are the best and most important part to me in the soldier’s creed. I will always place the mission first, I will never accept defeat, I will never quit, and I will never leave a fallen comrade. † No matter where I am on duty or not, on post or no t, on leave or a four day pass or not, the mission will always come first (right after my family) or I will die trying, if that is neccesary. Part of being a soldier in the united states army is always being accountable and being on time, that is also very important. As a soldier in the United States Army we are accountable for any responsibilities we are given. Many responsibilities are given to us and there are also many situations where time is of the utmost importance. As a soldier in the united states army we have responsibilities such as, following the Army values in our daily lives, in and out of uniform, on or off post, on duty or not, because we are soldiers twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Keeping our barracks clean our rooms and the common areas and always be ready for inspection. We are responsible for knowing about the United States Army, its regulations, rank structure and knowing our military occupation specialtys. With some military occupation specialty we have security clearances and are given a lot more responsibility than soldiers without security clearances. Everyday those with clearances are around sensitive information to the United States Army which could have a negative and detrimental effect on the united states of america and the united states army. We have the responsibility to protect this information and make sure the wrong people don’t get access to it. We have responsibility to look out for our fellow battle buddies in and out of uniform as well. We should always be looking out for them during the duty day and even in and out of uniform, on or off post, on duty or off duty, because as i said erlier, we are soldiers twenty four hours a day and seven days a week, making sure they are doing the right thing, keeping their uniform squared away and helping them when they need the help. Being stationed in another country where English isn’t the first language brings about more dangers which in turn creates more responsibilities as a battle buddy. Soldiers stationed in like say Korea also have the responsibility of representing the United States whenever tey step outside the gate or even go through the checkout line at the P. X. How we act is how the people of Korea will view the United states army and the United stated as well. We are responsible for leaving a good impression. As a soldier in the united states army we are trained to follow orders and always held accountable for this as well as carrying out any mission we are handed. All actions we take as a soldier we are held accountable and we have to be able to answer for everything we do, wheteher the person you are answering to wants to listen or not, which in most cases they dont want to hear what you have to say because leaders are right no matter what. 1003 -THE END-

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