Friday, September 13, 2019

Final exam Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Final exam - Research Paper Example I interviewed two of the students who attended the festival, John and Stephen, and they attended the festival because they have a passion for music, particularly the guitar. In the interview, I asked the students about the course they were pursuing at the university, why they attended the festival, how they came to learn about the festival, and whether they would like to have similar festivals in the future. From the responses obtained, both interviewees were pursuing music as a major course, and that they attended the festival because they have a profound passion for music. Additionally, they noted that they learnt about the event through a poster and that they would like to have such events in the future. The turnout of the event was not pleasing and most of the students who attended the event were pursuing Music. This implies that the event was not publicized enough to grant a huge attendance. As a result, future events should be publicized not only through posters but also throug h word of mouth, posters, and announcements in gatherings. Task 2 I visited Nielsen Market Research Company on 2nd May. This was after I had informed the company about my visit and arranged for it. The organization takes immense pride in its focus group facilities. The company allowed me to be part of a focus group. The company’s focus group facilities are structured with the effort of experienced arbitrators and other company clients. The rooms provide a friendly surrounding for face to face interviews. The rooms can allow a capacity of not more than 30 people at a time. After arrival, I was directed to the focus group rooms where I was ushered in and offered a comfortable seat. I was involved in a focus group that aimed at identifying how to position Pepsi’s new low sugar drink. The discussion was controlled by a moderator. The walls were sound proof to avoid interruptions within the company and the room temperatures were controlled. The room was surveyed through cam eras, which I later learnt that the clients were watching us from a lounge within the company premises. Task 3 Product promotion aims at increasing the sales volume of the product. The effectiveness of such a promotion is determined through numerous factors such as increase in sales and recall among the consumers. Measures of the effectiveness of adverts can be direct or indirect. Direct measures aims at determining the relationship between the advert and product sales. Indirect measures determine factors such as product consciousness among the purchasers and customer recall. In the research to determine the effectiveness of condom adverts, the respondents were exposed to numerous questions. They were exposed to the following questions. i. Please name all the condom adverts that you can remember ii. Do you recognize this advert? (after exposure to the advert) iii. How many times have you seen the advert? a. Few b. None c. Many iv. Do you think the advert is relevant? a. Strongly Dis agree b. Disagree c. Agree d. Strongly Agree v. Would you buy the product? The respondents were exposed to the following adverts Advert 1 Advert 2 The

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