Sunday, August 25, 2019

Personal Activity Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Personal Activity Plan - Essay Example Health care policies had been introduced and implemented by the US government to apparently lessen the cost of health care cost and insurance. However, these policies had not been successful in its goals. There were also attempts on health reforms but were found to be more risky such that new policies will have to be created and implemented. Various issues in the health care system had arisen affecting the health care system, thus increasing the dilemma in managing individual spending on health care. The Six Dimensions of Health has been one among the various promotions that the government had been trying to endorse profoundly such that this program may aid individuals in attaining a practically healthy condition. Physical, social, spiritual, environmental, emotional and intellectual health, are regarded as the main factors affecting wellness. Being fully aware of each dimension contribute to an individual's overall wellness. As a health care consumer, one should be aware of the different ways in which one could obtain an optimum health care in return of the high expenditures tied up with it. On the other hand, one must also be responsible in taking an utmost care of his own physical being as opposed to leaving everything to health care professionals. Physical health involves a person's ability to take care of the minor illnesses as well as knowing the time in which there is already a need to seek the help of a health care professional such as physicians. The need to personally monitor one's own vital signs such as temperature, respiration, and others, contribute to ones attainment of an assured physical health ("Six Dimensions," para 1) In the past, self-care was limited to monitoring ones temperature alone. But as the demand for a healthy condition increases which tags along extremely high cost, several self-care kits and machines are available in the market. These materials had been able to help indiv iduals manage their health conditions personally at a lower cost with similar accuracy as those that were facilitated by the physicians. Moreover, these materials free individuals from worries concerning their condition whenever they feel something unusual. At the same time, self-help groups had sprung in order to help individuals change the aspect of health care. Considering these facts, personal physical health care had extremely developed from that of visiting health care clinics for check-ups and testing to that of being personally responsible through self-care and self-help tools and groups which may range from understanding the relationship that exist between the individual and the environment, nutrition and the body's functions. An individual's responsibility on physical wellness does not simply involve self-prescription of medicines as deemed necessary but basically knowing the appropriate preventive measures against certain diseases. In the long run, physical wellness may i mprove not only the individual's health condition but the ability to be fully responsible in ones health acquiring a particular discipline towards health that may be passed on the next generation. Man, being a social animal has a need to become socially healthy as well. An individual must achieve a harmonious relationship with the environment that

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