Thursday, August 22, 2019

Oprah Winfrey Essay Example for Free

Oprah Winfrey Essay Oprah Winfrey, born on a farm in Mississippi to a teenage mother in 1954 came from nothing yet again is the world’s most successful lady who is a role model to many and has made it on her own. She is a success story, some one who has made history on American television by producing and hosting her own TV show, â€Å"The Oprah Winfrey Show† the show has won her countless awards and praises since its start in the year 1987. It is the top ranked show on television till this day (Oprah Winfrey Biography, 2006). She runs her own company. She has been the richest African American lady and the only Black billionaire in the world at one time and the most highly paid television host today. Success and Oprah have been together from the longest time. She has managed to win the hearts of all the Americans today with her hard work, determination, and dedication and confidence and has become the most watched television celebrity. She has been ranked the most influential lady of the 20th century from the past five years by the Time magazine (Oprah Winfrey Biography, 2006). She is considered as someone who can bring an enormous change because her popularity is beyond the pop culture and she has the capability and credibility to influence others. She has left a mark on everyone. Leadership is the ability to influence others by gaining the trust and support of the followers and Oprah has been able to do that. She is a born leader. She has all the attributes to become a successful leader and she has proved it to the world. It is her leadership qualities only that she has been able to maintain the standard of her show and live up to the expectations of her viewers. She runs a show, is an owner of a magazine, she’s into movie production, is a successful actress and all of these are her profitable businesses. She has become a brand name. She has set an example of being a superior and effective leader. She is intelligent and an educated lady, she is self confident she knows what she’s talking about. She has spoken on all kinds of issues on her show and brought the facts and figures in front of the world (Oprah Winfrey Biography, 2006). She is a stable lady, and flexible and honest and has an internal locus of control. She had the luck and believes in herself. She has the ability to understand others therefore she has created social awareness such as her effort to increase the awareness of child abuse where she was honest and bold enough to share her own child hood incident in front of the world. She has the communication skills to convince others and leave an impact and create a connection with the masses. During the time of Hurricane Katrina she made an appeal to everyone to openly donate and everybody did. Oprah runs her own charity too. She is a woman of high energy; she is running the show from the past sixteen years. Her role as the leader has been goal oriented and focused. She campaigned for Barack Obama last year. Only an effective leader can do so many things at one time. She takes timely decisions. She has adequate effort and talent and she knows how to spend it wisely. That is what leadership is all about. The queen of day time television has been an effective leader. She went through rough times during her childhood but she was a pessimistic and never lost hope. A positive attitude is an effective leader’s quality. Only when you yourself are positive you can motivate your subordinates. She was alert she wanted to create a change. She planned, organized, controlled and led while success followed her. She is good at what she is doing. Though she had all the fame and fortune this did not stop her from helping the under privileged. Oprah contributes millions of dollars every year for charities. She runs her own charity too. Good leaders make successful nations therefore the world needs more people like Oprah Winfrey.

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