Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Interest groups and Political parties Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Interest groups and Political parties - Essay Example Common good can be referred to as the goodness of an event or a phenomenon that is shared by all communities of a given society. Thus, keeping in view the roles played by interest groups and political parties, it can be stated that both the groups are conducive in working towards common good of a particular society and those elements which make up that society. However, this statement holds certain pre conditions, i.e. the interest groups are not self centered and political parties do not strive for gaining power only over all others. In other words, it is the intent behind the formation of these groups which comes into play and is considered extremely important. Motives, actions and desires yield goodness as long as the driving force behind them remains noble. Same is the case with interest groups and political parties. The reason of stating that the two set of groups are conducive in attaining or working towards the common good is that these groups provide a platform to the general public around through which people can raise their voices, share their opinions, take part in decision making process, highlight their concerns and problems and reach such decisions which are acceptable and beneficial for all. In this regard, work of Rousseau holds a special place. According to him, people should be "sovereign" and the government should only be there to implement laws. He believed that laws shall be enacted by direct democracy, which followed that each person should directly be involved in law making through a platform.

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