Saturday, July 27, 2019

Reading Blog Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reading Blog - Assignment Example David Orique highlights the achievements made by Bartolomà © de las Casas one of them being his successful penetration into tierra de Guerra, an area that had remained unconquered due to the hostility of the locals. The author also indicates that this area stood as a model of Casas’ evangelization ideas in practice. However, there is need for clarification on whether the region remained as Casas had developed or it finally fell into the influence of other conquerors with different ideas on the relationship between the Amerindians and Spaniards. This is because most of Casas’ ideas were novel, but others including merchants who only saw the economic importance of the region without concern for the native population rights always challenged their implementation. In Staceyann Chin reads Bartolomà © de Las Casas and Destruction of the Indies the brutality of Spanish conquerors is highlighted through Casas’ story about treatment of the native population who were massacred in large numbers. The killing and degrading of native people is compared to the treatment of beasts. Even as Casas is interested in documenting the atrocities committed by Spanish conquerors, he seems to be overcome by his subjective stance about the events leading to his exaggerations of the situation. For instance, Casas estimates the native people to be about three million with the attack only leaving about two hundred persons behind. Even though the massacre of majority of population is possible especially based on the described brutality of the Spanish conquerors, there is need for further information to identify the method of estimation of the population and the number of death (Staceyann Chin reads Bartolomà © de Las Casas, Casas 1-17). In Gilgamesh the author presents the exploits of Gilgamesh, a king in the city-state of Uruk and his friend Enkidu who highlight the power of friendship as the two are

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