Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Mcdonalds Marketing Communication Strategy Assignment

Marketing communication theory schema Our Marketing Communication Strategy lead be master(prenominal)ly instruction on advertising and personal interchange in the merchandise communications mix, with a television system receiver commercial for advertising and in investment trust merchandise for personal selling. The television commercial bequeath be a short introduction of our harvest-home with associations of the flavor, meet with the McDonald feelings and sounds which come almodal values with their commercials. The in store marketing consist of billboards in the stores of the radical reaping and, which we think is very important, practised cashiers who are asking every customer, afterwards they made their order, if they want to add the Vla to their order. We select television beca role its relatively shabby to reach a very openhanded audience. We think is important to let the square coarse live on about our crop ( result awareness). This carrefour is for everybody in the Netherlands, although some segments allow be purchasing it more than than separates (families for example).With television we arsehole bring the associations of the season with our harvest, which is valuable. We do not use television for direct-response purposes, alone want to let the customer know about our product and make them special(a). The adjacent time they step into a McDonalds branch they are aware and curious of the existing of the product and that will will in a higher put on the line that the customer buy the Vla. Furthermore we convey in store marketing because its a very effective and cut-price way to let McDonald consumers purchase the Vla.We use it to reinforces the television commercial, because customers already notice the public of the product, maybe are already kindly to try the pertly product. If they see the product on billboards in the store and thereafter are asked proactively to them if they want to try the new product t he chance that they will purchase the product will increases substantially. Now we can speak of a integrated marketing communication mix for our product. Summarize the main features of all the high societys products. State what other products your company produces, and describe briefly where the new product fits into your existing product line. To start with, the products of McDonalds are fast food products which have reconciled quality, are easy deliverable and coherent across all markets in their sagaciousness and their range of products. McDonalds have a considerable scale of products. The main food product is the hamburger. They servicing it in variant variants. slant burgers, chicken nuggets, salads and fries complement the main products. You can pick bill of fares of these products, which comes with drinks or milkshakes. The gifted meal is worth mentioning, which is the popular menu for the kids. Relatively new for McDonalds are the breakfast products. Then you ha ve the confection products, where our product fits perfectly into. If you look at the atypical Desserts of McDonalds we differentiate the McFlurry, Apple pie, Donut, Sundea Ice cream, chocolate Muffin, Softice and Fresh Fruit. We think our product Vla will perfectly fits into the range of Dessert products McDonalds is divine service at the moment. It a totally other product hence the contemporary Dessert McDonalds serve. But more important its already a popular, traditional Dutch, sugariness and serving it in the McDonalds will be valued by the customers in different moods.Like customers who eating a menu and relish to finish with the Vla, customers just walking by and order a Vla for on the way and also not to forget the kids will love the (smaller sized) Vla in their Happy Meal. Its a healthier alternative then the other contemporary products except the angelical fruit. So parents are also more likable to choose this dessert for their children sort of of the other more fat make desserts. SWOT Analyses Strengths What do you do nearly? Holiday season associations growing a typical Dutch dessert safe quality/price ratio nice products in the McDonalds strategy of serve worldwide similar products with in appurtenance serve in every country topical anesthetic products that are influenced by the local kitchen. Our product is the local product influenced by the local culture. Weaknesses What are you not so good at? Where might you desire to improve? Only holiday season (for the test phase, if it will succeed we will bring more seasonal Vlas) senior high cost of marketing with our form of marketing communication, the television commercials. Will we generate seemly revenues from the dessert? If we dont arrogate the market, we will fail in advanceOpportunities Whats flood tide that might be an opportunity? The clock of our product, in the season of Sinterklaas and Chrismas. To convince tourists that they must try the traditional produ ct Vla as their Dessert. Make our product the traditional product of McDonalds, which will be a Greco-Roman McDonald Dessert in the next decennia. Threats Whats orgasm that might cause you problems? Cannibalize the show up Desserts of McDonalds that are available in the Netherlands. Bring a product that is similar with products in supermarkets (Albert Heijn, Dirk van den Broek, C1000 etc).

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