Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Systems & Language Skills of English Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Systems & Language Skills of English - Essay ExampleSo, knowledge of certain dustup together with major word-building principles of the language can help a student to enrich ones vocabulary with the help of word-building skills.Grammar involves the rules of combining worlds into phrases and sentences. Its knowledge is an necessary part of education since it helps forming grammatically correct and meaningful sentences. At the same time grammar is very interrelated with, and even cannot be used meaningfully without, some knowledge of the function system of English.Function defines the purpose of a word combination, a phrase or a sentence, and outlines its direct meaning. It is very related to grammar because, for example, I have read and I read are different not only grammatically (different tense forms), but functionally as well the low phrase expresses a completed action, while the second shows that the action was being performed, but has not necessarily been completed. That is the functional difference.Phonology refers to the sounds and pronunciation of the language. It helps to differentiate communicate and heard words. It is an essential part of learning the language since it is one of the main tools for developing students language skills.Though we have identified the four separate systems of the language, it cannot be said that any of them can function or be taught independently. On the contrary, in order to teach students the major macro skills in English, such as reading, writing, earreach, and speaking, all the four language systems should be applied.The four major language skills are divided into productive and receptive ones. Productive skills are those that involve individual(a)s direct and active participation. They are speaking and writing, that is communicating information in a written or oral form. Receptive skills are listening and reading. However, the receptive skills are

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