Sunday, June 16, 2019

Information systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Information systems - Essay ExampleSince Nucor Steel believes staunchly in its customers, it is essentially taking care of every cardinal low this umbrella. These include the shareholders, the communities as well as the population who buy and use their products. At Nucor Steel, organizational culture plays a very significant role towards familiarity creation and fellowship sharing since these dictate the message which is sent out to the customers, shareholders and the general public that makes use of the product after they have bought it. This in scrap affects the overall performance of the company because the customers form the basis of the companys growth and development. Social capital is defined as the networks that are existent amongst the people who reside as well as work in a specific society which essentially allows the society to go about functioning in an effective and efficient way (Morden 1995). From a personal perspective, social capital allows the people to connect with one another on a one to one level while in a professional perspective they work alongside one another to achieve common goals and objectives. This social capital forgo therefore decides the manner under which their linkages are ensured in the long run. As an example, Nucor Steel likes its people to connect both on a personal as well as a professional perspective to derive harmony for the business which in turns means strategically aligned better performance models.2. traditional financial accounting falls con in measuring the value of a company, especially for assessing strategic value of knowledge and capabilities. Why? Describe how knowledge accounting such as balanced scorecard may be used to solve this problem.Traditional financial accounting has often fallen short of measuring the real value of the company and more so for the sake of determining the long term value of knowledge and its

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