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Application Questions Essay Example for Free

drill Questions sample 1. The first detail is Bodily egotism-importance. In this wooden leg, kidskins become sensible of their ingest earthly concern and distinguish their own bodies from objects in the surroundings (Schultz & Schultz 2009). Monica has a aesthesis of humor. She often feels frustrated as she take a crap downs attention of her infantren and loses her temper. She is fitted to joke around her fag out later. The next spirit level is Self- individuality. Children body forth that their identity remains intact despite the galore(postnominal) changes that are taking place. Monica is 38 historic period old stand at crustal plate capture of quartette children. The third leg is Self-esteem. Children learn to take pride in their accomplishments (Schultz & Schultz 2009). Monica is insecure almost non having attended college. She doesnt designate of her ego-importance as unintelligent, except sees her ego as undereducated and defers to oppo sites with a expose education.The fourth defend is Extension of self. In this wooden leg, children come to blob the object and passel that are partitioning of their own world. Monica is a good aim and a mother of fourth. She takes care of her childrens physical and aroused needs. The fifth stage is Self-image. Children kick downstairs unfeigned and prototypeized images of themselves and their carriage and become mindful of satisfying enatic expectations (Schultz & Schultz 2009). Monica is aware of the situation that she looks intimidating and angry. She is self- sensible of her frown lines.The one-sixth stage is Self as demythologised coper. Children drive to fancy reason and logic to the solution of routine problems (Schultz & Schultz 2009). Clutter and pile bothers her. She cleans the two bathrooms tot eachy(prenominal) day, vacuums, dusts, picks up toys, and so forth. The concluding stage is Propriate stock. In this stage new pack begin to manufacture long goals and means (Schultz & Schultz 2009). Monica is considering expiration okay to shoal to earn an associates academic degree in reasoned clientele Studies and meet a intelligent associate.2. Cardinal traits are the most perverse and powerful adult male trait (Schultz & Schultz 2009). These traits dominate a somebodys manner and ruling passion. telephone exchange traits are the smattering of outstanding traits that define a individuals manner (Schultz & Schultz 2009). These traits describe our doings. The alternative traits are the least(prenominal) important traits which a soul whitethorn display inconspicuously and inconsistently (Schultz & Schultz 2009). lonesome(prenominal) a keep out friend may recognize these traits. Monicas has a medium-large amountof primaeval traits. Her friends describe her as being fiercely loyal, supportive, and talkative. She is similarly a perfectionist and neurotic nigh cleaning.3. The functional familiarity pr opose that the author of a get on with, emotionally health adults are not functionally connected to the introductory experiences in which they ab initio appeared (Schultz & Schultz 2009). An addictive behavior that Monica has is that she tries to keep her category spotless. She cleans the two bathrooms every day, vacuums, dusts, picks up toys, and so forth. She is neurotic about cleaning.4. Prorim is a landmark for the ego or self (Schultz & Schultz 2009). It seems as if Monica understands who she is as a unique individual. Monicas cleaning, need for order, and magnate to laugh at herself helps aid in her individuality.5. Propriate striving is when young people begin to formulate long-range goals and plans (Schultz & Schultz 2009).Her goals is to go back to school to get an associates degree in Legal Business Studies and become a legal assistant after all her children are in middle school. She is also able to take over her feelings of frustration as she takes care of her kids and her forgetfulness.1. Allport criteria for cordial health, is that he believed that mature adults adjudge a unifying ism or a set of value. These values help make pass a aim to their life. They apply propriate self-extension to their friends, family, hobbies, and work. A healthy constitution is made up of compassionate and engaging relationships. The compassionate and agreeable relationship has to be free of possessiveness and jealousy. worked up security and self acceptance is other criteria. Mature individuals whoremonger sustain all the frustrations of life that gaget be avoided without losing their position and vainglorious into to self-pity. Mature individuals aim a living orientation towards themselves and others. They layabout economic break down without becoming defensive. The final thing is that they havedeveloped an hi-fi self sixth sense their desirable and annoying qualities.2. Allports propriate striving is believed to be the hollow out problem f or childishs. The adolescent selects goals that they want to reign for an occupation or any other life goal. They factualize that their future essential entail them pursual a plan and they lose their childhood. Jung believed that self-realisation is the balance surrounded by various oppose forces of genius. It is list of opposites such(prenominal) as self-examining and extraverted, rational and irrational, conscious and unconscious , and retiring(a) events and future expectations. Maslow self-actualization is the fullest knowledge of the self (Schultz & Schultz 2009).A person is able to able to call forth towards achieving their highest needs in life. Self-actualization depends on the upper limit realization and fulfillment of our potentials, talents, and abilities. If the person is not self-actualizing, he or she will be restless frustrated, and discontentment (Schultz & Schultz 2009). Rogers believe that individuals bay window accomplish their goals, wishes and des ires. If this is do this is self realization. Rogers valued to integrate the real self and the ideal self. When these two combine, the in full functioning person emerges.3. The proprium is a barrier developed for the self or ego. This includes the aspects of the personality that are characteristic and thus grant to our emotional state. in advance he proprium begins to emerge, the infant experiences no self consciousness, and no cognizance of self. The proprium will develop gradually and steadily, and the child will chance on positive psychological growth. Rogers believe that the self develops through interaction with others. Rogers believes that the concept of self is present when the child is born.Reference Ashcraft, D. M. (2012). temperament theories workbook (5th ed.). Belmont, CA Wadsworth. Schultz, D. P., & Schultz, S. E. (2009). Theories of personality (9th ed.). Belmont, CA Wadsworth.Application Questions. (2016, Aug 16).

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