Sunday, May 12, 2019

Tips for Action For Single Parents Health Education Essay

Tips for follow through For Single P arents Health Education - Essay ExampleI have chosen 4 of the guidelines to question in this paper based on my consume with my fires. They are set fair ground rules and slump with love, be positive, give the child responsibility commensurate with maturity levels, and be a good intention model. As am I not yet a parent myself, the only personal experience I have with parenting is by observing my own parents.Our kinfolk had a set of rules that were strong as iron. An infraction, or breaking of one of these rules was akin to a slap in the face. The rules were elegant in their simplicity. 1 Respect - above all else. Each person in the household was entitled to respect as a person. Our parents respected our opinions, and listened to what we had to say as long as it was in a correct measure of voice and in turn, we respected our parents because they seemed less dictators than guides. 2 Work hard, and work together. This meant if there was a blo odline to be done, we were all to assist in completing it. Mom might have assigned separate tasks to us, but it was based on who was available at the moment, not whos job it was.. Often, we were all working on different tasks at the same conviction in order to ensure everything got done in the least amount of time. These two simple rules governed our daily lives, and it worked to bring easy harmony.When one of the rules wasnt followed, my parents were believers in reality shed light on. This meant that we had to accept the reality of the outcome of our decisions. Reality itself is conditional If you do certain things, you face certain consequences (Leman 27). This meant that the time I forgot to pick my clothes up off the floor, I didnt have any clean socks to wear. My parents were experts at this type of discipline. They were not being mean to me, I did not feel unloved. I only entangle that the decision I had made was the wrong one and since I made the decision I was obligate to accept the consequences. In this way, there was love - not anger- in my parents discipline. In my opinion, this method of discipline was roughly effective for me and would be useful for most parents. Single parents would find this method particularly useful, as it allows the infixed course of action to assist in teaching their children acting in a fashion as an additional parent. Conversely, when we did something exceptional, or just noticeable, my parents rewarded our good behavior. Single parents would find this tip most helpful because it encourages the children to do right, in effect making them more helpful to the parent. Single parents are at a disfavour when it comes to time with their children. In a traditional dual-parent home, there are two adults to share the responsibilities of maintaining a household whereas in the single parent home the parent must shoulder the burden of everything. The single parent is the primary provider and caretaker, the gardener and the co ok, the cheerleader and the coach. When the children are rewarded and encouraged, they feel that they can make a difference and are more willing to help around the house. This is a tremendous help to the overwhelmed single-parent. Children who are rewarded for picking up their toys, folding clothes, or any number of chores will remember that praise and will actively explore for another opportunity to receive it. This will enable the single-parent with a wiling, helpful support

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