Friday, May 10, 2019

Comparison of two nursing education systems Assignment - 1

Comparison of two nursing education systems - assigning ExampleNotably, there has been increased entry into stop nursing education as compared to diploma enrolment because of numerous reasons. Under degree baccalaureate degree in nursing, experts identify it as a comical and holistic education program that allows practical and theoretical application of nursing. Firstly, it encompasses all course work taught at diploma level, in-depth treatment of physical and social sciences and nursing services management. It is, therefore, more superior in harm of coverage and relevance to modern nursing (whitethornne et al., 2013 pp 15).Secondly, the degree program encompasses humanity courses that allow students to have a wider knowledge beyond medical diseases and perseverings. Unlike, degree program diploma system has narrow scope that detain curriculum to fundamental medical cases and patient management. Lack of additional courses at diploma curriculum subjugate professional developme nt, and graduates lack broader scope of practice (Mayne et al., 2013 pp 15).The Joint Statement on Academics Progression for Nursing Students and Graduates (JSAPNSG), American Association of Colleges, American Association of Community Colleges, they together agreed that degree nursing was more different and equipped. The had students shown knowledge on sociological view of patient care. Diploma curriculum centers hospital as a key health institution with little focus on the role of preventive medicine. On contrary, degree program has been anchored on environmental and sociological view of health. It envisions healthy community through medical seek and preventive medicine unlike diploma program whose research scope is insignificant (Cabaniss 2014 pp 182).Leonardo (2012 pp 258) states that during May 2010, Tri-Council of Nursing identified nursing degree as a rightful direction that would foster patient safety and quality nursing care that is scientific. It asked diploma nurses to a dvance their studies in order to

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