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Original Component Essay Example for Free

Original Component EssayThe goal was to de circumstanceine a credible and correct regularity for quantity human roof of the United States. Knowledge capital is a concept that has not received ofttimes attention in terms of research. One of the unique aspects of this vignette was the fact that the data collected were from the training technology field, particularly from those who deal with friendship watchfulness. This was in contrast to previous studies where finance, accounting, and/or human resources professionals were the respondents.The comeings indicated that the methods presently exercisingd to observe human knowledge were borrowed from either human resources or from finance. This also indicated that knowledge management was not embraced as a part of its strategy. Since the responses were received from knowledgeable experts, the results represented a trustworthy look-alike of the problem. Another reason for its uniqueness was due to the fact that the teach was conducted in two separate phases with their be findings compared. It was also important to note that the companies selected represented any of the industries.The combination of all these attributes thus, made the method unique. tally to previous studies, much research has been devoted to knowledge management. In addition, books, journals, and articles have all been written most the said topic. However, none has pore on knowledge capital valuation and its related impacts. Individuals and organizations became reluctant to be this type of valuation. This was due to the fact that many felt that it was impossible to accurately pass judgment knowledge capital.For this research, all of the respondents agreed that the methods to measure knowledge capital do not in full represent its true look on because they were only based on assumptions. On the other hand, companies, researchers, and scholars struggled with the question of how to value knowledge capital because it increasing ly gained importance. In this case, the study has formed a base for other researchers to build on. This study has also provided a way of perceiving knowledge capital and proposed an easier way of calculating its value.The study clarified the possibility of measuring knowledge capital. However, organizations can only measure the value of knowledge by identifying the knowledge gaps within its current employees. In this context, knowledge management must be incorporated at the highest levels of the organization. 6. 4 Contributions Knowledge capital has ferment one of the most important assets in any organization, including corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. However, without knowing its value, organizations cannot determine whether they are fully utilizing it or not.Most Internet businesses have no physical assets, while some rely solely on outsourcing. Therefore, there is a need to determine the value of human capital to ascertain the value of an organiza tion. Moreover, many Internet businesses were publicly traded, and were obliged to represent the true and accurate value of their company to investors . During mergers and encyclopaedism transactions, companies experience the problem of determining the value of knowledge or human capital. In turn, they use the term good provide. However, goodwill is actually an invented concept.If companies can determine the value of their knowledge capital, there is no need to use the vague concept of goodwill. Knowing the value of knowledge capital helps a company hire the recompense people, assign the proper people to particular jobs, and provide employees with the appropriate tools and environment. Without knowing the value of what is needed, how can they measure knowledge capital or increase its value? This research aimed to contribute information to both the knowledge field and to profit-making organizations.The purpose of this research was to examine how organizations determine the value o f their human capital, while gaining a sustainable competitive advantage. The research effort will be applied by and for profit organizations to determine their true value, maximizing the value of human capital to increase the shareholders wealth. Individuals will understand the value of their human capital and be able to start managing it for maximum return to themselves, as well as their organizations.In addition, E-businesses will find the results useful because the value of their organizations depends primarily on the value of their intellectual capital. The study also focused on the determination methods used by profit-making organizations in the evaluation of human capital. Therefore, other researchers may find the results of this study relevant, while conducting other studies in the hereafter. 6. 5 Limitations Several difficulties or challenges were encountered while conducting this study that may have influenced results, either positively or negativelyLimitations faced by the researcher during the process of this study included the persuasion of organizations to adopt the new or standard metric of measuring Knowledge Capital, intercourse for benefits to be derived from findings, the lack of industrial experience and practical knowledge, and the deficiency of funds for quality productions. 6. 6 background for Future Research The purpose of this study was to determine how organizations value knowledge capital and how they make it grow.The study examined data collected across industries and the responses were nearly uniform. They all agreed that there is no standard method of measuring human capital. In addition, all agreed that the methods currently used to measure knowledge capital are inadequate for representing its true value. Hence, the value of knowledge capital is not calculated. Based on this study, the condition recommends that further research be conducted to develop a model or standard method for measuring knowledge capital across all indu stries. The model must be easy, accurate, and practical.Moreover, while conducting future research, future researchers should bear in mind the following recommendations It is important to be in partnership with someone who has industrial experience, or better yet, seek support or sponsorship from companies. This would also solve the problem of funding. Second, use a combination of data collection instruments, such as face-to-face interviews and questionnaires. Collect both quantitative and soft data to validate the results. Lastly, a year or two would be the best preference in conducting this research, especially it it is on a global scale.

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