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FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AND RATIOS ANALYSIS - Assignment ExampleThe dickens master(prenominal) financial statements (the Income Statement and Balance Sheet) are going to be analyzed in both cases together with some financial ratios. However, before embarking on the aforementioned task, each of these banking corporations is going to be considered individually in a bid to understand their backgrounds. This is going to be in the order in which they have been mentioned in the introduction part.Flagstar Bank is a banking institution known by the official name Flagstar Bank and Flagstar Bancorp enthronization Company acts as its holding company. It is headquartered at Troy, Michigan at the address 5151 Corporate Drive. Its website address is and its investor dealing phone number is (248) 312-2000 and in case an investor wants to send an e-mail there is a facility on the companys website to do that( plus an in case of any suspicion in dealing with F lagstar e-mail The stock exchange trading symbol for this company is FBC at NYSE.The current portion price is $0.79 and the companys stock is under Financial Industries and further narrows down to the bank sphere of NYSE. According to the 2009s annual report, there are ten directors of which eight are outside directors and two are inside directors. Outside directors are considered independent when it comes to the companys management decision fashioning and therefore, mindful of the impact of the decisions impact on the shareholders. This is a branch bank and it operates around 175 banking centers. (, 2011) common banking refers to a case where banking firms have a network of branches, several firm claims, offers a variety of run as well as taking part in corporate governance upon firms which depend on banks for sourcing funds. Flagstar bank is not a universal bank according to the opinion of the study. (Calomiris, 1995 p1)On the other hand, the

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