Thursday, April 18, 2019

Because current policies aimed at limiting drug abuse do not work, we Essay

Because current policies aimed at limiting drug yell do not work, we should legalize drugs and instead teach people to use them responsibly - Essay ensampleIt has been suggested, and in some cases demonstrated, that legalizing or at least decriminalizing less harmful drugs, such as marijuana, jackpot help to reduce the violence, significantly decrease the numbers of people incarcerated for drug use, allow much individuals to take a breather a contributing member of society and free up funds and manpower to combat against more harmful substances.It was believed by the economists that such a discussion would bring out the obvious factors that will snuff it to the legalization, regulation and taxation on marijuana, bringing out the benefits of each side and, at the least, justifies the reasons for maintaining the prohibition against the substance. This assemblage of economists was also joined by Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman who argued that there is no logical dr y land for the prohibition against marijuana. (Friedman, 2005) The vast majority (85%) of Americas teenagers report that marijuana is easy to get all(prenominal) year, indicating that the sales have not been reduced by the laws and enforcement endeavors, leading many government officials to begin question whether we atomic number 18 simply throwing away billions of tax dollars to no effect.Over half of the prisoners in jail argon there for drug crimes. This causes overcrowding which results in the early release of dangerous, violent criminals. This creates more of a public asylum problem than does drug use. It is illogical from a societal view and inhumane to individuals who are marked as a criminal for life for activity that causes no harm to others. Those who are addicted receive pocket-size or no therapeutic help in prison. Instead of imprisoning people that need help, rehabilitation programs are a much more effective method to treat the problem but a rehabilitation system will not succeed if drugs continue to be illegal. Drug abusers will hardly prove help from the same government that tosses

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