Saturday, March 23, 2019

My Favorite Web Site and Why Essay -- Analysis Web Design Essays

My Favorite Web Site and whySome Works Cited MissingIn contrast to most of the new(prenominal) people in this class, I had never done any realize surfing. So to prepare for this paper I explored the WWW for approximately heptad hours. This helped to create an impression on me of what constitutes a good Web pose. Finally, I decided on a favorite SF/CP Web order and I asked myself what made this site better than others. The Web site is dedicated to William Gibson (Foley) site which scrolls a picture of the writer on the site projecting an cable of authority. The problem with the William Gibson site is that the background does little to complement the site. The background for the BR site however, not only complements the title but helps project the conceit of the site. Blade is backed by the complimentary color of a cool it blue. This blue emits a soothing tone and desolate atmosphere because of its relation to the black. This atmosphere is common in the film. The figure of the BR is backed by the fade from blue to black similar to in the photo where the Deckerd is set in motion under soothing colors and mysterious shadows. Runner is backed by an abysmal black an image found articulated in the movie in flying scenes over the futuristic LA and under the feet of Deckerd when dangling from Roys grasp. Fans of the film can relate to the effective use of graphics in portraying the mood of the film. Critics to the use of graphics may argue that the sign page is do directed to fans as to lose credibility in fulfilling the criteria to non-fans. As mentioned earlier, the author of the site had provided clues that the site is intended for fans however, this site fulfills the site so well that non-fans are actually satisfied with this sites fulfillment of this criter... ...topic of the site, William Gibson. When clicking the information concern, one would expect to see information concerning William Gibson, but instead this link is concerned with the producer of the site. Info doesnt even hint that this kind of information is going to be linked.This site fulfilled the criteria extremely well as a site directed at Bladerunner fans. But, as I already adressed arguments against this site becuase of its seemingly narrow focus to fans, I believe I proved the site to be exceptional even under the marrow of a non-fan. Chapmans intelligent formatting of the sight and thoughtfulness for non-fans helped him far transcend my criteria of impressive graphics pertaining to the subject, simplicity in stlye and organization, and relevant links. Works CitedChapman, Murray. The Requiem-William Gibson. 1995.Foley, J. Off-World (Bladerunner Page).

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