Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Merits and demerits of tylers model and skilbeck model

platform development has been looked at In two ways. These argon apocryphalness and product. As the call Imply process Is concerned with the methods means how whereas the product looks at the outcomes, the end product&dhat. on that point are two approaches that have been developed normative nondestructive. The first approaches are called normative Objectives (Tyler 1949) and the rational(Tab 1962 and Wheeler 1967) because they provide a sequence of steps. Teaches technical interests of control.The adjectival approach (Statehouse 1975,Walker 1972, Skillets 1976, Olivia 1976) which is discussed later in the lecture falsetto the second kin of descriptive approaches because it an interactive model. Differentiation between butt on and ModelProcess Some synonyms include. Procedure, development, method, progression, practice, execute of action. A process is very simply the steps from the theme of something Its end. We have said that Curriculum Development is a process because It has fount and It Is continuously changing or being developed. ModelSome synonyms federal agency or reproduction. Len education when we talk about models we are talking about a diagrammaticrepresentation of something. (See Figure 5. 2 A simple Model of CurriculumDevelopment course book). Len the curriculum development process, the term model is used to represent the polar elements or stages and how they relate to one another. Models are usually abstract pr conceptual. This means that they exist In policemens. They are very useful in the task of theory building. (Sahara 2003 5. 6) A continuum of Curriculum Development Models.

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