Thursday, March 28, 2019

Gregors Guilt in Franz Kafkas The Metamorphosis :: Metamorphosis essays

Gregors Guilt in The Metamorphosis Humans chance obligated to do certain things. It makes them feel good, or worthwhile. If these responsibilities are not met or to the obligators own standards then guilt comes upon them. In The Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka, Gregors contrition keeps him trapped. Gregor is enslaved to his family. Therefore Gregors guilt emerges from the families burden. The excerpt below is a key passage to understanding Gregors guilt Believe me, sir, in that respects something the matter with him. Otherwise how would Gregor have missed a train? That boy has nothing in his mind but the business. Its virtually begun to rile me that he never goes out nights. Hes been back in the metropolis for eight days now, but every night hes home. He sits there with us at the table, quietly reading the paper or canvass magazinetables.(10) Guilt can be from many different situations. Gregors guilt was from his pledge to work. Even Gregors mother, a bystander, cou ld see his dedication to his job. Life without amusement becomes nerve-wracking and unpleasant. Throughout the novel Gregor finds himself stressed out because of his dissatisfaction with his ability to provide for his family. Gregor, in the long run near the end of the novel, finds satisfaction in something his sisters violin. The novel is set on Gregor being placed into the fatherly role. From there stems all the problems from the novel. One in particular comes up. Gregor does not go out at night. This is his recreational time, his time to relax and unwind. Instead Gregor stays working even when he is extraneous from his job. Work without relaxation is dangerous. Even ancient texts talk about a day of rest. Guilt is deadly. Gregors guilt actually leads him to his death. The stress built up from his guilt was part of his death. Because of the stress and guilt Gregor did not eat much. He became malnourished. Many tragedies have been written on the guilt of a person. In the tragedy the guilt kills them.

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