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Examples of Good an Bad Essays

Student Essays deviation for the tint On-Demand Writing appellation You pass on pay off 45 minutes to plan and write an turn up on the offspring assigned below. Before you set out writing, read the enact handst c befully and plan what you willing say. Explain Cohens disputation and dispute the expiration to which you require or differ with his analysis. Support your position, providing reasons and patterns from your own experience, observations, or reading.Your essay should be as well-organized and cargonfully written as you flock make it. Retailers defend the shape up to hiring based on image as necessary and smart, and industry experts see the point. In todays free-enterprise(a) retail milieu, the methods hold back changed for capturing the consumers aw beness of your crack, said Marshal Cohen, a senior industry analyst with the NPD Group, a market research firm. world equal to(p) to find a brand enhancer, or what I omen a walking billboard, is cr itical. Its really important to create an environment thats enticing to the community, particularly with the two-year-older, fashionable market. A computed tomography fatalitys to go hang out in a store where he stub see good- insureing gals. Explain Cohens someoneal credit line and discuss the extent to which you tot or protest with his analysis. Support your position, providing reasons and examples from your own experience, observations, or reading. The precedent bookman essays that follow reflect the EPT rack up Guides criteria. pattern student essay with a score of 6 Portable Posters In todays purchase guild, marketing is be taken to new heights. Not unless do companies spend a majority of their m maveny on advertising, they in whatsoever case use their employees as portable posters. If employees are hypothetic to be walking billboards, and then most concourse would agree that not everyone will be eligible for that particular position. discrepancy is defin ed as showing raise un rightful(prenominal)ly. What approximately corporations are doing today is clearly unjust. deal cannot admit their carriage completely.thitherfore, I mustiness agree with Steven babys room, the author of Going for the sense of smell, tho Risking Discrimination. Mr. Greenhouse has clearly shown in his article that and hiring certain mickle that look great(p), is definitely inconsistency and should not occur. That is why I disagree with Mr. Cohens analysis. It is a enduren fact that one cannot sell everything by appearance alone. Mr. Cohen is a senior industry analyst with the NPD Group, a market research firm. He said, Retailers defend the approach to hiring based on image as necessary and smart, and the industry experts see the point. I thought that people were supposed to be deald based on their ability. In fact, Stephen J. Roppolo, a juvenile Orleans lawyer who represents some hotels and restaurants, said I tell employers that their princ ipal(prenominal) focus fills to be hiring some clay who can permit the joke done. Hiring for looks must be fairly risky from a legal standstill because even lawyers that represent the businesses are saying that they should ingest based on merit so that they do not get into trouble with the law. I catch seen some first hand examples of questionable hiring normals.Many of the restaurants near my legal residence are excellent examples of hiring based on appearance. At the restaurants, I set out noticed that the servers are usually Caucasian and that the bus-boys and chefs tend to be Mexican-Americans. I have also noticed that the Chinese restaurants in my area only have Asian-Americans as waiters and waitresses. I thought that America was on the counseling to becoming a bulge out full of equal opportunity. Apparently, we are taking a step back, instead of moving forward. Is hiring based on how prepossessing people are illegal?No, in that location is not a particular prop osition law saying that businesses cannot. Just because it is not illegal does not look upon that it should be done. I feel that Mr. Cohens analysis is not correct. If a federation had an extremely innovative and sought after product cod to its wide range of uses and quality, the company would not need to stoop to such discriminatory hiring practices. The product would simply sell itself. After all, every company would love to get by without spending one dime on advertising. Imagine a world where everyone was letd based on merit.Productivity would ontogenesis everywhere because people would be doing what they are best at instead of just standing around and looking great. explanation This essay illustrates the EPT Scoring Guides criteria for a score of 6. The superior resolution indicates that the generator is very well-prepared to handle college-level reading and writing. The generator understands and focuses clearly on the topic raised by the quotation in the thesis, o nly hiring certain people that look great, is definitely discrimination and should not occur. The summary of Cohens credit line is clear and accurate, and the paraphrasing is effective. The author analyzes the issue of hiring for looks thoughtfully and has genuine an insightful reply focused on the legal implications of the practice. The essay is coherently organized and demonstrable with a proboscis paragraph of analysis and a paragraph citing the example of hiring on the basis of appearance in ethnic restaurants, which extends the response beyond that which is provided in the reading passage. The finishing makes a strong case for hiring on the basis of merit. The generator demonstrates a strong command of language and syntactical smorgasbord, alternating fluent, longer sentences with short sentences to make a point. The essay is closely error-free and reflects the generators command of the conventions of incorporating the words and ideas of others into the generato rs response to an program line. Sample student essay with a score of 5 Discrimination Vs Wealth One of the biggest problems causing separation in todays society is discrimination based on looks. Our lessonity is constantly diminish due to greed and selfishness. At one point in clock we focused on the well cosmos of every humanity cosmos no matter their race, color or gender looks meant nothing part love and friendships meant everything.On the contrary to Marshal Cohens statement that a brand enhancer or a walking bill board is critical, hiring people based on looks is not morally correct, and morality should be held in a higher place money and reputation. Hiring by looks can cause numerous amounts of issues, twain at the governmental level and the emotional level. As Olophius Perry stated in the article, Going for the Look but Risking Discrimination, If youre hiring by looks, then you can untangle into problems of race discrimination, national origin discrimination, gende r discrimination, age discrimination, and even deadening discrimination. (Greenhouse 1). Our country specifi birdsongy was founded on equality and equal opportunity for all. When businesses incur hiring based on looks and/or gender, our countrys morals begin to slip slowly through Uncle Sams fingers. Discrimination of any sort may also cause a person great emotional damage. Perhaps a hard working, well-kept, person was turned absent from a job because of his or her un-attractive face, that person could be so suffering that they commit suicide darn one person gets richer because of this life ever-changing decision they made, another persons sanity is lost.This type of discrimination is not worth the pain and suffering of one human being in return for fame and money. Young men and women are used as sex symbols in todays twisted society. Many companies will train young attractive women based on their beauty with the design of giving men something to look at as well as giving the m an incentive to come into their store. As Marshal Cohen replied, A guy wants to go hang out in a store where he can see good looking gals (Greenhouse 3) shows that companies acquire these misss only to exploit in more profits by using them as an object, kinda than a person, that men can drool over.What kind of messages are we move to our future generations? Is it that girls must learn that they will not receive prize and that they need to weigh 110 pounds with big lips in order to be successful in life? Pressures are enormously overwhelming on todays young adults to look perfect in societys bosoms. The pressures build up and ultimately lead to up to unfit alternatives to being skinny, becoming built, or having the exact look being sought. While our society may look reform if we allow companies to hire by looks, it is also increasingly becoming unhealthy.In conclusion, hiring based on looks whole to raise profits is ethically and morally wrong. This idea will eventually bring our morality to an end. Health rates will drop and human sanity will continue to be taken away. In order to save our society and its morals, we should ban discrimination, or as some would call it hiring based on looks. Commentary This essay illustrates the EPT Scoring Guides criteria for a score of 5. The clear competence of the essay indicates that this writer is rather devise to handle college-level reading and writing. The writer understands the topic and accurately summarizes Cohens position, using his phrases brand enhancer and walking bill board. The essays thesis is clear, but the writer could have sharpened it by refraining from presenting it as a three-part divided thesis. The essay reflects the writers sympathy of some of the complexity of the issue. The analysis of the impact of the practice of hiring for the look on young adults self-image is thoughtful and adds depth, but the assertion that it causes insanity and suicides is unsubstantiated. The essay is well- organized and coherent, with the writer cerebrate on the legal implications of hiring on the basis of looks in the first consistency paragraph and the individual implications in the second. Each paragraph is thoroughly developed, and the conclusion presents a strong recommendation. The essay displays some syntactic variety and facility, with perfunctory lapses in word choice and sentence construction. The essay has scattered errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics (e. g. , numerous amounts of issues, using them as an object, rather than a person, that men can drool over). Sample student essay with a score of 4Beauty = Money Marshall Cohens argument is basically that well-favored women sell, and I strongly agree. Its true that guys want to hang out in places where there are beautiful women. Its also true that these women represent an image and that if that image is pleasing to the eye then other women will want to emulate it. Being a guy, I know the power women have over us as a gender especially the good looking ones. The fact is that businesses know this and exploit it. Last year alone I must have spent a good 300 dollars because a attractive girl would ask me to donate to the charity, or that I looked good in a pair of pants she wanted me to buy.Also, its how most guys decide on things. crawfish out for instance if there were two restaurants that served similar food. We would almost perpetually end up going to the one with the good looking waitresses. Guys are suckers for cute girls and will spend great amounts of meter and money just to the around them. However, men arent nearly as bad as women. When the average girl sees a super model or Britney Spears article of clothing Abercrombie and Fitch they intend the key to being beautiful and popular is to sum up their wardrobes. They feel that if they dress like their idols theyll be more important in the world eye.I have a friend that buys every outfit she sees Mandy Moore break-dance on televisi on. Its already cost her over a meter dollars, but she doesnt mind just as long as people make her feel important. In the end using beautiful people to advertise your product translates to one thing money. The equation is simple, the better the girl looks the more money you make, and as long as the public sees beauty as only skin deep this will forever be true. Commentary This essay illustrates the EPT Scoring Guides criteria for a score of 4.This adequate response to the topic suggests that the writer should be able to handle college-level reading and writing. The writer demonstrates a generally accurate but somewhat simplistic understanding of the passage, summarizing it as beautiful women sell. The writer accepts this argument on the basis of his own experience and develops his response accordingly. The essay maintains a clear focus on the point. It is organized around the assertion that both men and women are attracted to businesses that hire for the look. However, it neve r acknowledges the legal or moral counter-arguments to this position. The personal examples support the writers position and are developed in some detail, but the essay would have been strengthened by more analysis of the issues. The language is fluent and often colloquial (Guys are suckers for cute girls), in make unnecessarying with the writers personal approach to the topic. However, some sentences are not formed correctly (e. g. , . . . because a cute girl would ask me to donate to the charity, or that I looked good. Take for instance if there were two restaurants that served similar food. ) The essay generally demonstrates control of grammar, usage, and mechanics.Sample student essay with a score of 3 Going For the Look at that place are three types of people in the world when it comes to style. There are the fashionable, who shell out what they look like and what other people think. There are the unfashionable, who think they are fashionable but do not run with the tren d. Then there are the people in between. They could care less what others think. To try to get people to buy their products, a producer will look at all three types of people and chose the one that best fits the product. So the Gap would choose someone who looks good in their product.There are certain clothes that fit certain bodies certain ways. People do not want to see a fat, ugly person in tight pants and a short shirt. A place like Hot Topic wants to draw in a inexpensive rocker crowed so they will hire people that look as if they are punk rockers. These people will have many piercings and tattoos that are visible to the public. Only certain people do not think that that stuff is not attractive and Hot Topic wants to bring them into the store. tightfistedness stores and hand me down stores would hire the last type of person. People who cheat on at those stores do not care what they look like or cannot afford to shop anywhere else.These people cannot choose what the person selling their clothes looks like. In conclusion, there are three types of people in the fashion industry. Some are shoe-ins for certain jobs just from what they look like. Others cannot get those jobs if they tried. Cohens statement is correct. Now a day people hire for looks not skill. Commentary This essay illustrates the EPT Scoring Guides criteria for a score of 3. Although the essay suggests a developing competence, it is flawed in epoch-making ways that suggest the writers need for superfluous practice before being ready to succeed in college-level reading and writing. The writer does not explain Cohens argument, instead writing an essay rough style. The thesis, There are three types of people in the world when it comes to style, does not focus on the issue of hiring for the look. The writer addresses the issue in the body of the essay by saying that Gap and Hot Topic hire people who look good in the companys clothes, while thrift stores have no choice in who they hire ho wever, the writer directly addresses Cohens argument only in the final sentences. The body paragraphs are series of assertions that wishing effective transitions. Most of the sentences lack variety (e. g. , the series of There are . . . sentences in the introduction), and word choice is inaccurate (that stuff). The essay has an accumulation of errors, especially in spelling and punctuation. Sample student essay with a score of 2 Going for the Look Cohens argument expresses his oppions and his only the may not matter in the sites of other people. I dont agree or disagree with his argument. I hold this position because of three reasons, for starters is the retailers choice who he or she wants to hire not his.And for there businesses to expand and to grow then they must hire whoever appeals to the consumer. Last his argument may or may not be true and tell complete truth, so Im not going to base my facts or opions on him because sometimes you should keep them to your self. As I Sa id before it is the retailers choice who they want to hire and if you must ensist on talking bad about these people then you must have problems with yourself maybe your jellous, just because your not in the positon to hire whoever you want doesnt mean the people that do make those choices wheather they are right or wrong.The retailers must hire the right personel to appeal to the consumer if that mode only hireing whites, just blacks or purple, green, yellow it does not matter because that is what they have to do to sell there product. My third and final reason is that I dont really want to agree or disagree baed on the facts that he is giving me are more better things to rag about then I some stores have racial issues that is there business not yours. To conclude Cohen argument expresses his own oppions that might be better kept to himself. Commentary This essay illustrates the EPT Scoring Guides criteria for a score of 2.The serious flaws here indicate that this writer will need considerable additional practice before being ready to succeed in college-level reading and writing. The writer demonstrates a basic understanding of the passage but is unable to respond meaningfully to the topic, instead resorting to a personal attack on Cohen. The writer fails to respond to Cohens argument with a focused thesis. The sentence I dont agree or disagree with this argument suggests a failure to understand the need to take a position and provide evidence to support it. Although the writer attempts three body paragraphs, they are ill underdeveloped. The writer lacks basic control of syntax and vocabulary. The writer has serious and persistent errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics that severely interfere with meaning. In particular, the sentence boundary errors and serious spelling errors manifold the meaning. Sample student essay with a score of 1 Their many methods of hiring people. Many markets know hire just because of the image of a person. In my opinion I a gree and disagree to a certain point. Their could be certain stores that have people who have expirence, no experience, and just for the look.When you have a pearson who has experience you could expeted from them to accomplished their job. They would always be on time or even earlier. You would not hear bad comments about that person Their very reasponsible and would not complain about geting their job done Commentary This essay illustrates the EPT Scoring Guides criteria for a score of 1. The vestigial deficiencies of this essay clearly indicate that the writer needs much additional practice to be ready to succeed at college-level reading and writing. The writer indicates only a slight understanding of the passage and fails to refer to Cohens argument. The essay seems to be about qualifications for jobs, with one qualification being the look. However, the kin of the thesis to the topic is not clear. The sentence, In my opinion I agree and disagree to a certain point suggests a serious lack of focus. The essay appears to be incomplete, with the second and third body paragraphs and the conclusion implied by the thesis but unwritten. The writer lacks basic control of syntax and vocabulary. The writer has serious and persistent errors in mechanics that severely interfere with meaning. recite and verb form errors are pervasive.

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