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Ethical Computing

solid Computing QBA 362 w/ Burke Ltelatk H. Fritz FRITZ, LTELATK Ethical Computing QBA 362-Spring 2010 E T H I C AL C O MP UT I NG 1. maintain a code of ethics from a firm of your choosing (other than the CPSR or the ACM). What do you compute argon the best five guiding principles from alone the tips that you launch? http//www. buzzle. com/articles/computer-ethics-code-of-ethics-in-computing. html Code of Ethics ? Information stored on the computer should be treated as seriously as written or talk word. ? Privacy should non be violated. In case of academic use, it is know plagiarism. ? ? ? Information for public viewing should not be modified or deleted or inaccessible since these are considered as destructive acts. Intrusive computer software such as worms and viruses which are destructive to the computer musical arrangement is in any case illegal. Congesting somebodys system with a lot of unwanted nurture is also wrong. Sending obscene and crude messages through mail or chat is also forbidden. ? Sending sexually explicit mental object, message or pictures is also forbidden I felt the top five codes below Buzzles Code of Ethics were the best.Because in general it covers a resistant area of things. Treating information stored on computers as if they were written or utter words, is like asking substance abusers to respect the rights of others, as well as their duty towards other peoples deform. (Individual Responsibility) Leaving other peoples work in tact as they arewithout modification or deletion, is important because it preserves the other persons integrity. Its form of the same as walking into (or breaking into ) someones theatre and rearranging their furniture without their knowledge. Preserving Integrity) 2 FRITZ, LTELATK Ethical Computing QBA 362-Spring 2010 2. Is in fronting electronic mail jokes good or stinky? Summarize the opposing arguments you found. I personally forward electronic mail that I think is appropriate for the individual I am sending the message to. However, congesting someones space is considered unethical harmonise to the Buzzle Code of Ethics. Another concomitantor I was totally oblivious of was the fact that all these peoples names and address are forwarded with the mail.My menstruation method of forwarding the message is just to cut the message content and then forward it to friends. Sometimes I insert their address in the blind carbon copy (bcc) area to keep their address private. It is all about respecting someones privacy and integrity. 3. How does anonymous e-mail work and why would you use it? There are so legion(predicate) sites where you end set up anonymous e-mails, i. e. http//www. sendanonymousemail. net/ or http//www. hidemyass. com/anonymous-email/. But you brook just as well set up a phoney account and use it to send anonymous e-mails.There were so many given reasons to use such websites like, catching a spouse/ render cheating, whistle-blowing, reporting illegal activities to the authorities. But I articulate, if you cant say it in person, write it in a letter and sign it with your name. Be account for what you believe. It takes guts, but sometimes we just gotta. 4. What are five slipway e-mail use can be unethical? Which do you think is most common? Why? Using e-mail to steal caller-out information. Using e-mail to scam people out of money.Using e-mail to conduct illegal activities, like money laundering, human trafficking, etc Using e-mail to ruin someones reputation or blasting force about a foe. Using e-mail in push/ chain reactor marketing. (Free Viagra or stuff like that) The most common I used to get is push/mass marketing. I once got my Inbox alter with 10,000 messages in less than a month. 5. Why is deliberate spreading of viruses unethical? Name five reasons. ? ? Intrusive software such as worms and viruses which are destructive to the computer system is also illegal. (Buzzle ) Congesting somebodys system with a lot o f unwanted information is also unethical. Buzzle ) ? 1) atomic number 19 shalt not use a computer to harm other people If it is unethical to harm people by making a bomb, for example, it is equally dismal to write a program that handles the timing of the bomb. Or, to put it more simply, if it is mischievousness to steal and destroy other peoples books and notebooks, it is equally bad to access and destroy their files. (CEI) 3 FRITZ, LTELATK Ethical Computing QBA 362-Spring 2010 ? 2) Thou shalt not interfere with other peoples computer work Computer viruses are scurvy programs that disrupt other peoples computer work by estroying their files, taking huge amounts of computer time or memory, or by simply displaying annoying messages. Generating and consciously spreading computer viruses is unethical (CEI) ? 7) Thou shalt not use other peoples computer resources without mandate Multiuser systems use user ids and passwords to enforce their memory and time allocations, and to safegua rd information. You should not soften to bypass this authorization system. Hacking a system to break and bypass the authorization is unethical 4

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