Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Students and the Civil Rights Movement During the 1960s Essay

The 1960s was a decade of tremendous social and political upheaval. In the United States, many movements occurred by groups of state seeking to make constructive changes in society. During this decade, the gracious Rights movement continued to gain momentum. The black participation was continually persecuted and discriminated against by prejudice white individuals and figures of authority. Blacks everywhere struggled to end discrimination. They demanded the office to vote, to receive quality education, and to become respected individuals in the community which shunned them. (Sitkoff 35) Students, in particular, vie a significant role in the Civil Rights move during the 1960s. many another(prenominal) college students were outraged by social injustices and the intolerance shown by their universities. Many individuals participated in boycotts and sit-ins in an attempt to change their community for the better. (Blumberg 18) The young people during the 1960? s greatly influenced the course of the Civil Rights movement by their efforts and actions. Students played a large role in the desegregation of both frequent grade schools and universities. College students also formed and took part in new political groups such as the Black Panther Party and Students for a republican Society. (Blumberg 73) Because of their heavy political involvement in the Civil Rights Movement, students across the arena created a new institution the political university. (Curry 77) During the 1960?s, many student riots occurred on college campuses. The majority of the rioters were middle class students seeking a voice in the administration of their school. These riots were violent and sometimes fatal. A major issue during the Civil... ...fectiveness. The 1960?s were a time of great disorder among the young people of the America. Students began to expect up for their rights and fight to improve society, even if it meant turning their backs on the government. During the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960?s a new pattern was brought forth in many universities. The university was no longer just a community of learners and educators, yet is suddenly became a political arena. But many tend to choke up that the majority of the nations 6,700,000 college students were studying peacefully and not causing any interrupt in the community (Curry 106). During this time, many changes were brought about in society, some be positive and others being negative. Because of their great passion and effort, students may be considered the nearly influential group of people during this critical period in history.

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