Monday, February 25, 2019

Political Typologies Essay

Liberal The political typology quiz categorized me under the costless typology group. The liberal typology group be bulkys support the ideologies of Democrats. It is in any case the spaciousst group among the nine typology groups. tally to the quiz, the liberal group is open to several controversial issues that are the principal(prenominal) themes and topics of debates and arguments. These issues include homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, etc. A most recent controversial hearty issue involves stem cell research.However, even if the liberal typology group is ramify of the Democratic Party, it still has distinct values apart from other groups that also belong to the comparable party. One that is particular to the liberal group is their brave out on fight. The liberal group is supportive of diplomacy as a means of promoting peace with other countries. Liberalist groups do not believe that war is the answer to conflicts and dis confinements. In addition to this, the group doe s not support anti-terrorist laws, specifically the Patriot Act, that the U.S. government is implementing. Other issues include espousing same sex marriages and advocating the security department and the preservation of the environment. Moreover, the group is also sympathetic to the concerns of immigrants and labor unions.I agree with the results of the quiz be obtain as I was reading the ideologies of the liberal group, I settle myself agreeing to them. I do not believe in war, and I do not want to support it. I turn over wars just cause more wars. Instead of resolving issues, it makes it even more complicated. A divide of innocent lives have been lost just because of simple disagreements that the higher-ups should resolve by talking in peace, compromising, and deciding what is best for the country and other countries as well. I also respect other people in that I believe they have a choice whether to engage in same sex marriages, abortion, support stem cell research, adhere to any phantasmal doctrine or not, etc. I think everyone has the right to conclude for themselves and choose whatever it is that they want to do in life, well, as long as they do not do victimize to others or the environment.That is a different case. In addition, the issue about labor unions and immigrants is also something that I agree with. There is no competition when it comes to immigrants and employment. They were qualified to work in the country therefore, there should be no question whether they do harm or good to the economy. Moreover, the rights and concerns of labor unions should be addressed. I think large businesses should pay attention to them and practice humanitarianism in the sense that they should think more of the people who work for them than the money that they earn because of them.Works CitedThe pew Research Center for the community and the Press. (2008). Liberal. Retrieved from ThePew Research Center for the People and the Press. 28 March 2008. .

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