Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Health Problems Linked to Smoking Tobacco :: Papers

Health Problems Linked to Smoking TobaccoIt is a universally accepted fact that smoking cig bettes or tobacco is detrimental to your health. there is an endless list of health problems that are directly caused or bear on by smoking, including lung crab louse, emotional state disease, stroke, and emphysema.Short-term effects of smoking include a significant increase in heart wander and a downfall in skin temperature. Respiration rate is also increased. In enlightened smokers, diarrhea and vomiting whitethorn occur. Although the central nervous system is, in fact, stimulated by smoking, smokers usually feel it relaxes them. Long-term effects are mainly on the bronchiopulmonary and cardiovascular systems. Smoking is the main cause of lung cancer (related to 90% of all lung cancer cases). Other factors, notably industrial carcinogens may be involved, especially among smokers. An average smoker is ten times more likely to get lung cancer than in a nonsmoker. Smoking is estimated to be responsible for 30% of all cancer deaths. It is also associated with cancers of the mouth, throat, colon, pancreas, bladder, kidneys, stomach, and cervix, and related to 75% of chronic bronchitis cases and 80% of emphysema cases.Tobacco also affects the digestive system. stomachic and duodenal (the upper section of the small intestine) ulcers are twice as common and twice as likely to cause death in smokers as in nonsmokers. Skin wounds may heal less speedily in smokers, partly because smoking depletes the body of vitamin C. Smokers may also affirm less effective immune systems than nonsmokers. Tobacco use is associated with 25% to 30% of all cardiovascular disease. Smokers have a 70% higher rate of coronary heart disease than nonsmokers, nearly twice the risk of heart attack, and five times the risk of stroke. Tobacco use can acquit to physical and psychological dependence on nicotine, particularly in butt end smokers. The United St ates Surgeon Generals 1988 report states that cigarettes and other forms of tobacco are that as addicting as heroin and cocaine.People who are physically dependent on tobacco suffer a withdrawal reaction when they discontinue using it. Some signs of withdrawal are irritability, anxiety, headaches, sleep disturbances (insomnia or drowsiness), clog concentrating, decreased heart rate and increased appetite, and a craving for nicotine.

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