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Their Eyes Were observation God Self-Revelation Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston, is a novel ab come to the fore one wo military mans self-revelation. It began when this woman was a very new girl. At first she was world pushed, then she was being chosen, and finally, she was able to choose. Born a victim of circumstance, Janie, the chief(prenominal) character, was subject to her position in life. She was raised to uphold the standards of the early African-American generation. From the beginning, she was taught to be passive and subject to whatever life gave her. As she grew older, she began to empathise that she must give in to her desires and not suppress them. Janie was set up for her journey of self-discovery by her grandmother. Nanny set a goal for Janies life by saying, Ah requiremented you to look upon yo self. Ah dont want yo feathers always crumpled by folks throwin up things in yo face. *** site THIS?*** Janies grandmother pushed Janie into a mar riage, which she considered a safe place for Janie. though hesitant, Janie agreed to marry Logan Killicks. He was a farmer who married Janie abruptly after she completed school. Killicks was the first antagonist that Janie encountered in the story. He was at that place for one purpose, to destroy Janies new sense of self-awarenes. Logan demanded things of Janie that she did not propensity to do and tried to push her into his mold of a perfect wife. Janie did not love Logan, nor did he love her. She did not know what she wanted, but she was for certain that she did not want Logan Killicks. Joe Starks appeared in Janies yard one afternoon. He said the sweet things that Janie wanted to hear. Though Janie hardly knew the man, being young and gullible, she was taken by his words. She took another step in her journey, leaving Logan the conterminous day and travelling to Eatonville with Joe Starks. Aspiring to be the mayor of Eatonville, Joe Starks was a man concerned with little ex cept power. He wanted it, and he was exhalation to use Janie to get it. She wore nice dresses during this marriage because Joe wanted her to stand out from the rest of the town. He used her as an icon of his prosperity and power. He was cruel to Janie and stomped out all of her free will.

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