Monday, February 18, 2019

Discovery Of Society Essay -- essays research papers

What is the meaning of parliamentary law? Its a simple word but with a very complicated definition. parliamentary procedure is our own everyday reality. Its features such as economics, culture, language and ism is what unites individuals and creates a society. In the book, The Discovery of Society, written by Randall collins and Michael Makowsky we be able to capture the ideas and beliefs of a variety of tender thinkers. every(prenominal) of these thinkers had a different perspective towards what a society needs to give out and maintain itself afloat. One of these social thinkers was Karl Marx (1818-1883). He was a German political philosopher and revolutionist. Marx was very concern with the recital of curriculum struggle. He felt up that the history of society was a history itself of the struggles that existed between the ruling and the oppressed social classes. In Marxs time, slaves were considered the demand nots and were the ones doing all the domesticate while the haves were taking advantage of their effort.According to Marx, the parsimony was organized around industrial production and commercial exchange, which explains why he classified the bourgeois society into two main classes. These classes were the capitalist who have the factories, banks and the goods to trade and the proletarians who owned nothing but their own labor power. Marx felt that the division of classes was what was responsible for the conflict and suffering of all society. This is what encouraged Marx to swear that chaos was the only way in which classes would break up and no longer exist.Marx was able to get his point across in the new-fashioned socialist doctrine, better known as the Communist Manifesto. Even though, Marx was reproducible to leave Paris because of all his revolutionary activities he did set a great influence on all communist literature. The view of the proscription of Marx was very similar to what one of the characters in the book of, Brave parvenu World, Bernard Marx, had to experience. This certain character is similar to Karl Marx because of the way in which he didnt agree with the system that already existed. This caused the World Controller to judge that it was best to sent him away in order to prevent him from putting ideas in the minds of separate individuals of the society. In the case of Karl Marx the character, World Controller, could be associated with the Belgian go... ...on. In the book, Things Fall Apart we are able to see this situation when the British attempt and succeed in colonizing the society of the Ibo and other coterminous tribes. In this example, its really a contradiction which is set by the British because they wanted to force this society to be who they werent and the British didnt take into consideration the organization already set up by the Ibo. I feel we still have a few much years to go before we could actually comprehend the meaning of society. As for the past philosophers, some of them did depict a close picture of what was anticipate in the present time. To be honest, the social thinker I could interrelate the most is Karl Marx for the reason that he was so strongly opposed to class division. Even though, it would be great if there werent any divisions in our society but it is impossible. I feel this way because in our society exists too much racism. Also no matter how hard we hand over not to classify people into groups its difficult. You either have money and you are on the top level or middle or you have no money and are homeless. In this society and every other one its all about the Benjamins in your pocket and bank account

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