Sunday, February 24, 2019

Description of my visit to cemetery

The cemetery visit causes eerie feelings of sereneness and uneasiness.1. It is truly quiet, serene, dovish and absolutely still, except for birds chirping all around me.2. I make positive(predicate) that I visited during the daylight hours when the sun was indeed shining brightly displaying smart beauty and dispelling any shadows as I walked on tiptoes it seems.-I am very afraid to visit the gravesite after sunset hours. I do non like dark shadows or anything that is mysterious or makes me feel smelly and uneasy.-The gravesites all around ar flat for the most part, with a hardly a(prenominal) mounds of earth and head stones.-The entire place is non even called a cemetery or gravesite, but it is known as a archives garden. It does seem far more pleasant to me to visit and explore a memorial garden instead of a cemetery. When I hear the rallying cry garden connected to anything I say of doing fun things, of flowers, the green blossoms and the poppouring buds and joyful m emories. I think of vegetables and fruits growing on a bandage of ground. I think of hearty-manicured lawns carpeted by rich, healthy green grass. I think of produce I usher out harvest from the earth, wash strike and eat right away.4. My cemetery visit is pleasant and exciting alone because of the weather and theenvironment I encounter at the site and it is solar day and the light everywhere is very bright. The grounds are also spick and blossoming. The whole of nature seems to be at peace everywhere.5. Most gravesites guard names on them with very pretty collections of flowers and floral arrangements atop the ground. I cannot help but notice the green grass is flourishing well healthy well-fed and quite inviting. A few other visitors saunter through the garden thoughtfully, mincing and watching their every step, apparently out of respect for the dead buried there.6. I also notice a few crystal blank gazebos scattered throughout the garden where visitorscan sit in order to reflect and meditate. Indeed flowers and perennials surround their white lattice work of wood with intricate and striking designs. Everything seems to have been made to encourage reverence and awe.7. Even though very beautiful and still and quiet, the gravesite environment causes meinevitably to think of my life, to think about death itself what it is and why it is. I really wonder where all of those people went whose remains are buried beneath the cemetery dirt.8. The entire scene also makes me think of my own mortality. How very fragile and transient human beings really are. here today and gone tomorrow is a commonly spoken category phrase that reminds me of how we must really take care of ourselves and hump our lives as long and as rich as we can. The gravesite makes me think of the beauties of life that I possess now. Its joys and its many opportunities are incomparable. I certainly do not plan or wish to die now. I want to live as long as I can.9. The cemetery visit als o forces me to think of my own passage into the other realm, intooblivion. What shall it be like it? I really wonder and have wondered for some time, now. What is

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